The November News Round Up for Donna J. Jodhan

The Monthly News Round Up For Award Winning Advocate, Sight Loss Coach and Author Donna J. Jodhan
For the month of November 2022

Read about Donna’s external engagements
At the end of October Donna was featured in a pod cast hosted by Curtis Jackson.
The interview lasted for about an hour and Donna answered questions on her advocacy initiatives, her authorship as an audio mysteries writer, and her message for the future.

In early November Donna was interviewed by Max Ivy for his podcast on the blind blogger net.
Max asked Donna several questions pertaining to her various roles as an advocate, author, blogger, dinner mystery writer, entrepreneur, law graduate, and podcast commentator.
Donna also talked about her two podcast shows; “ask Donna” and “dining with donna.”
The interview was very in depth and Max and Donna will be teaming up to work on various projects.
You can

What’s Your Excuse? EP 076 Award-winning Vision Loss Coach, Crime Fiction Author, Disability Advocate, Law School Graduate, and Podcast Host

Donna continued the Dear MRS Claus writing contest along with her associates Sharlyn Ayotte and Albert Ruel.
Announcements continued to be circulated through out the month and the team worked very hard to ensure that circulation was done worldwide!
Contributions were received from the CCB chapter of Barry Ontario, the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, and a private donor.
Want to learn more?
Website Page: Dear Mrs. Claus Children’s Writing Contest

Announcement Article: 2022 Dear Mrs. Claus Children’s Writing Contest For Kids 12 And Under. Cash Prizes For: 1st Place: $250, 2nd Place: $150, 3rd Place: $50. Sponsorships Available. Contest Opens: October 11th 2022. Deadline To Submit: November 28th 2022. Winners Announced: December 12th 2022

Help MRS Claus and her elves to circulate this announcement and to make a contribution if you can.

Major news items can be found here
It’s all about Donna’s major initiatives for this month plus a lot more

Current Affairs

Blogs posted for this month
The Arrive Can App Debacle

The ArriveCan App Debacle

The worker bees who made it happen!

The Worker Bees Who Made It Happen

Dear World! are you listening

Dear World! Are You Listening?

Donna’s news round up for October 2022

News Round Up for Award Winning Advocate Donna J. Jodhan October 2022

Hats off to the city of Toronto

Hats Off to the City of Toronto

You can also view previous selections here.
The Arrive Can App Debacle
The worker bees who made it happen
Dear World
Hats off to the City of Toronto

Contributions From Founder and Advocate Donna Jodhan

Read Donna’s article for this month
Plus previous articles
What makes cleaning services accessible?

Ask An Expert

Read Donna’s author’s tip for this month
Plus previous tips
Anticipation of a holiday season

Ask An Author

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An easy way to clean greasy pots and pans
Safe way to dye one’s hair
Best ways to clean cups


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The best of hints for cleaning the carpet


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Listen and catch up with Donna’s shows
“ask Donna”( )
Ask Donna YouTube Playlist:
Advocacy = who is the chrc
Author = Anticipation of a holiday season
coach = Cleaning greasy pots and pans
Expert = accessible cleaning services

“dining with donna”
( )
Dining With Donna YouTube Playlist:
Week 1 – Banana breakfast drink
week 2 – Café au Lait
week 3 – Santa’s Pleasure Punch
week 4 – Sparkling Apple Cider Punch
To learn more about Donna as an award winning sight loss coach and advocate plus more visit

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