Services We Offer

A group of business people sit together at a large table exchanging ideas.

If you’re searching for a way to get closer to your consumers and customers then our tele town halls can help. We also offer our round table services which can help you to foster greater collaboration and communication within your department or organization, and even with your external partners.

Tele Town Halls

Working With You

We can work with you to develop an action plan that would include the following:

  • Who you want to hear from.
  • When you would like to do this.
  • Why you would like to do this.
  • What you hope to accomplish.
  • Identifying a key person in your organization to deliver your message
    and to respond to callers.
  • Potential dates for your tele town hall.

Announcement Creation

This announcement will be sent to the recipients of your choice, including through social media, or we can provide suggestions as to where your announcement can be circulated.

The announcement will include an invitation to attend your tele town hall (including the date and time for the event), the purpose of your tele town hall, and deadlines for responding. Recipients will be able to respond by email and will be sent two timely reminders register.


Sterling Creations will manage the registration process, which will include the following:

  • Setting up of an email address to send and receive emails.
  • Creating an acknowledgement email to be sent to recipients when
    they register.
  • Keeping track of the names and email addresses of respondents.
    (This information would be kept strictly confidential, only to be
    shared with the appropriate parties within your organization.)
  • Creating a Code of Conduct for all participants to adhere to during the
    tele town hall and sending it to participants three days before the event.

Tele Town Hall Management

On the day of your tele town hall, Sterling Creations will manage the hosting and all relevant technical services. This would include hosting it through our conference lines and moderating it while in progress.

Final Report

Approximately one month after the event, Sterling Creations will provide a final report for you based on the feedback and comments garnered during the tele town hall. This report will only be shared with the appropriate parties within your organization, and we are committed to keeping the names of those who have provided feedback confidential.


We can, of course, customize your tele town hall to meet your needs and timeframe!

Round Tables

Our Facilitation Services

Let us help you to plan your next round table session. We will help you to develop a plan as follows:

  • Identify who you would like to have at your round table engagement.
  • Identify a purpose.
  • Identify goals and objectives.
  • Identify a suitable date.
  • Provide a report at the end of the session in a timely manner.

We can also customize your round table engagement with additional services to meet your needs and requirements. Most of all, our round table services can provide you with ways to obtain results utilizing neutral assistance.

Improving Collaboration and Communication

We strongly believe that along with our tele town hall services, you will have great opportunities to improve your collaboration and communication processes both internally and externally and this can help greatly to:

  • More effectively reach and attract consumers, customers, and partners.
  • Increase and enhance communication and collaboration internally.
  • Increase your ability to reach out more widely.
  • Reduce much of your marketing costs.
  • Build your customer and consumer bases.
  • Increase your revenues.