A close-cropped photo of hands typing at a sleek laptop keyboard.We are delighted to share feedback from some of those who have and continue to work with us. We thank them for their continuing support and collaboration. We look forward to continuing our initiatives to promote meaningful Tele Town Halls and round table engagements, as well as helping others be better able to navigate the legal system and to be more comfortable when lodging complaints and engaging in negotiations and collaborations with both complainants and respondents.


The Rick Hansen Foundation has worked with Donna Jodhan for a number of years. Donna is the owner/operator of Sterling Creations, which administers tele town halls and facilitates round tables. Donna is highly regarded amongst the advocacy community. For nearly two decades, she has been a leading voice for accessibility and indeed was a key figure in the advocacy in support of Bill C-81—the Accessible Canada Act—which was passed by legislation a year ago.

– The Rick Hansen Foundation

AMI worked closely with Ms. Jodhan to host two Town Hall events focused on accessibility. Both Town Halls were focused on accessibility and shedding light on the challenges of the blind/partially sighted community where media accessibility and the electoral process were concerned. This was a significant undertaking given that the events were national in scope and required significant technical and logistical coordination. Ms. Jodhan was instrumental in assisting with all aspects including communication and liaising with blind/partially sighted community groups.

Ms. Jodhan is a determined individual who continuously advocates for accessibility. As a member of the blind/partially sighted community herself, she understands, firsthand, the obstacles this community often faces. I would recommend her, without hesitation, to organize and ensure the success of any accessibility project she undertakes.

– Janis Davidson Pressick (Manager, Marketing and Communications, AMI)

I have known Donna since I began my role at AMI-audio and AMI-tv in 2012. Throughout that time, she has been involved with several of our programs and features that have included advocating for improved accessibility for the blind and partially sighted community.

In 2017, Donna was a contributor to our live morning show on AMI-tv, Live from Studio 5. On a weekly basis, she offered her point of view on issues of the day from transportation to accessible voting in federal and provincial elections, accessibility issues around online banking, and federal and provincial human rights issues.

Donna is an informed representative of the blind and partially sighted community with an in-depth knowledge of important issues. As an advocate for her community, Ms. Jodhan is a determined individual who continuously stresses the importance of improved accessibility for Canadians who are blind and partially sighted. As a member of this community herself, she understands, first-hand, the obstacles individuals with sight loss often face.

– John Melville (Vice President, Content Development and Programming, AMI-audio/AMI-tv)

I wish to thank Donna for her participation in the interview process to guide us in the elaboration of Air Canada ATPDR training (Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations).

We appreciated her feedback and stories during our conversation, led by Deloitte, to capture the essence of her testimonies to make them relevant and meaningful to the training modules developed. Donna’s insights have helped us shape the experience of future travelers for the better.

– Carole Charbonneau (Manager, Passenger Bill of Rights, Air Canada)

Donna Jodhan has contributed greatly in helping to reduce barriers to voting at the federal level. From 2014 to 2019, she contributed to helping make federal elections more accessible through her work on Elections Canada’s Advisory Group for Disability issues (AGDI). In addition to her work on AGDI, before the last two federal elections Donna has helped to organize and deliver electronic town halls to inform electors about ways to register and vote and about the services and accessible voting tools that Elections Canada has developed to make voting easier.

– Elections Canada

Tele Town Hall meetings have been a part of Sterling Creations dating back to 2011, when several organizations of and for the blind united through this type of venue to improve the quality of lives for those of us living with sight loss of varying levels. The Canadian Council of the Blind has partnered with Sterling Creations several times, including for accessible Federal Elections. All have been very successful in obtaining a broad range of voices to unite in bringing the town hall initiatives to successful results. Some of the items covered include (but are not limited to) library services for persons with print disabilities, self-advocacy, employment, plus much more. Sterling Creations Tele Town Halls arrange for you to hear the voices you need.

– Louise Gillis (National President, The Canadian Council of the Blind)

In recent years, a growing number of organizations have used tele town meetings to engage with their members. These meetings have proven to be powerful ways to bring people together to move forward on relevant issues to the members and their partners.

Between 2016 and 2018, I had the opportunity to participate in the planning of several town hall meetings where Donna Jodhan and Albert Ruel prepared us for the town hall meeting process. Both Donna and Albert have developed a well tested approach. These tele town halls brought people together from all regions of Canada and were well received by the participants. If you are considering holding a tele townhall meeting, I highly recommend that you contact Sterling Creations.

– Leo A. Bissonnette, Ph.D.

I have known Donna Jodhan, President and CEO of Sterling Creations, Toronto, as a dear friend and colleague since 2005. Donna is reputed and respected across Canada for her disability activism and promotion of accessibility. Being an activist at heart, Donna always strives to further equal access for her fellow blind and visually impaired Canadians, but she does not believe in fighting alone. She reaches out to everyone through her motivational writings and event management activities.

Through her company, Sterling Creations, Donna has been facilitating and hosting tele town halls and round tables for almost a decade now. Donna is well placed to support these events with her strong academic background and linguistic prowess that extends beyond English to French and Spanish. I strongly support anything Donna attempts towards advancing accessibility and inclusion because I am sure it will move the world in the right direction.

– Sambhavi Chandrashekar, PhD, CPACC (Accessibility Program Manager, D2L Corporation)