News Round Up for Award Winning Advocate Donna J. Jodhan October 2022

The Monthly News Round Up for Award Winning Advocate, Sight Loss Coach and Author Donna J. Jodhan
For the month of October 2022

Read about Donna’s external engagements
In mid September Donna was the guest of Curtis Jackson on his podcast “Living the dream.”
Donna answered questions on her advocacy and sight loss coaching initiatives in an hour long interview.
Listen at Curtis Jackson’s interview –

Current Affairs

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The launch of the Dear MRS Claus writing contest
On October 11 Donna along with her friends Sharlyn Ayotte and Albert Ruel launched the world wide Dear MRS Claus writing contest opened to kids ages 12 years and under.
This contest is open to kids from around the world who are blind, vision impaired, and deaf/blind.
You can learn more as follows.
Website Page: Dear Mrs. Claus Children’s Writing Contest
Announcement Article: 2022 Dear Mrs. Claus Children’s Writing Contest For Kids 12 And Under. Cash Prizes For: 1st Place: $250, 2nd Place: $150, 3rd Place: $50. Sponsorships Available. Contest Opens: October 11th 2022. Deadline To Submit: November 28th 2022. Winners Announced: December 12th 2022
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Major news items can be found here
It’s all about Donna’s major initiatives for this month plus a lot more
And see who she has recognized for October.

Current Affairs

Blogs posted for this month
A special year made more special
Thoughts of a Thanksgiving
The kid who told me about hate
No room at the inn
The duck and the eagle


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Selected blogs posted for this month
You can also view previous selections here.
A special year made more special
Thoughts of a Thanksgiving
The kid who told me about hate

Contributions From Founder and Advocate Donna Jodhan

Read Donna’s ask an expert article for this month
plus previous articles
What makes travel to be Accessible fall travel?

Ask An Expert

Image = Donna and laptop

Read Donna’s author’s tip for this month,
plus previous tips
Thoughts of Thanksgiving

Ask An Author

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Read Donna J. Jodhan’s articles on ask the coach for this month
Picking up broken eggshells from the floor
Washers and dryers with accessible screens
Best ways to vacuum


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Read Donna J. Jodhan’s tips and hints for catching up with the coach for this month and more
For the car –
Cleaning windows,
Preventing doors and windows from freezing shut


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Read the hottest monthly tips from the Sterling Creations team,
From the September Apple Vis online newsletter,
Around the town reviews
(A review of the Moxy’s restaurant)


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And product reviews and more
(About the Black and Decker toaster oven
Reader Review: Black & Decker Talking Toaster Oven)
(Avoiding spills with ice covered trays)
(Cooking hard boiled eggs in the microwave)
(About the talking thermometer)
Learn more at


Listen and catch up with Donna’s shows
“Ask Donna”
(Advocacy = a right to equality
Author = Thoughts of Thanksgiving
coach = picking up broken glass
Expert = accessible travel
You can listen in to all of her shows at
Or at Donna’s YouTube Playlist:
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and “dining with donna”
(Apple dip,
Bacon swirls,
Candy bar ice cream
Deep fried strawberries)
You can listen in at
Donna’s Playlist on YouTube
Image = dining-with-donna-1200×800
Or keep up to date with all of her episodes at

Donna’s product review for this month
Finally, Read Donna’s product review for October.
It’s all about the terrific cooking thermometer that you can use for so many things in the kitchen and beyond.
Reader Review: The Talking Cooking Thermometer

To learn more about Donna as an award winning sight loss coach and advocate plus more visit



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