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The Monthly News Round Up For Award Winning Advocate, Sight Loss Coach and Author Donna J. Jodhan

For the month of November 2023


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Major news items can be found here

It’s all about Donna’s major initiatives for this month plus a lot more


Press release

Donna is featured in the November issue of the Consumer Vision magazine.

Visit the November link at

Donna thanks Her friend and business associate Bob Branco for featuring her.


Joining the Google Accessibility Research Group

Donna recently accepted an invitation to join this group and is very excited to do so.

About this group:

Announce-only email group that will receive periodic emails for: opportunities to participate in Google Accessibility User Research, openings in the Google Accessibility Trusted Tester Program, and occasional surveys to better understand group demographics.


Working with the Canadian Air Transportation Security Agency

Donna will be working with this agency (CATSA) to evaluate and help develop training materials for its thousands of agents across Canada.


Donna rejoins the Canadian Transportation Agency

Donna has rejoined the CTA’s Accessibility Advisory Group as the new rep from Barrier Free Canada.

She looks forward to working with this group to help continue bringing about changes.


The Carroll Centre’s entrepreneurial and mindset panel

On November 15, Donna participated as a panelist along with 2 other persons to share her views on being an entrepreneur.

She talked about how and why she became an entrepreneur, the importance to keep on learning, to keep thinking outside the box,   and to be able to weather all kinds of seas; rough and calm.

The audience consisted of both present and past students of the SRUTT program.

Donna thanks Nick Corbett of the Carroll Centre for having given her this opportunity to share her ideas and perspectives.


Another assignment from the Knowbility Group in the United States

Donna is excited to be working on another assignment for this group.

This time it is an assignment titled Vimeo Player Experiences  Views to Audit.

Donna will be evaluating and auditing a number of videos for Knowbility.


Working with the Debates Leadership Commission

Donna has been asked to work with this commission to review and evaluate their accessibility plans for the Accessible Canada Act and there will be more to come.


Continuing to work with Elections Canada

Donna will be continuing her consultancy with Elections Canada as starting in December she will be reviewing and evaluating materials for accessible polling stations and in January she will be participating in a live session to discuss further.


You can start by taking a tour of Donna’s personal diary by visiting

Donna posts 3 times weekly and her posts gives you great insights into her daily life, challenges, and perspectives as a blind/vision impaired person.


Blogs posted for this month

To the page

What’s happening in the travel industry?

Would the real World Institute on disability please stand up!

Turmoil at terminal 3

The QR code dilemma

The QR Code Dilemma – Time to Speak Up



You can also view previous selections here.

Contributions From Founder and Advocate Donna Jodhan


Donna has also posted other articles of interest on her page

for this month.

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See who Donna J. Jodhan has recognized for November 2023

See Who Donna J. Jodhan Has Recognized For November 2023 – Congrats to Everyone

News round up for November 2023


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and for this month

Ask an Expert – November 2023 – What Makes Home Services Accessible?


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Ask an Author – November 2023 – Holiday Season Around the Corner

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How to know when an email is a hacking one

Ask sight loss coach Donna J. Jodhan – How to know when an email is a hacking one

Best ways to communicate when wearing a mask

Ask Sight Loss Coach Donna J. Jodhan – Best ways to communicate when wearing a mask!

Can a vision impaired person take pictures with their iPhone

Ask Sight Loss Coach Donna J. Jodhan – Can a blind person take pictures with an I Device?


Read Donna J. Jodhan’s tips and hints for catching up with the coach for this month

For The Bathroom:

Shower Stall Film

For The Bathroom:

Other Bathtub And Sink Cleaners

Catch Up With Sight Coach Donna J. Jodhan – for the bathroom; Shower Stall Film

For The Bathroom:

Grimy Shower Mat

Catch Up With Sight Loss Coach Donna J. Jodhan – Tips for the Bathroom


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Listen and catch up with Donna’s podcasts

“ask Donna”( ) October 2023

Week 1 – ask the blogger

(on bullying; When the teacher raises their voice at the student

Tips on entrepreneurship; How important is a business plan?

Scams and scammers; Emails telling you that you just won a lotto.

Donna’s thought for today; All about the QR code.

Week 2 – ask the coach.

* Interesting info on the Bald eagle.

* The difference between ointment and cream.

* About the make up of one’s hands.

* What is a sheet pan?

* About tea?

* About prolonging the life of strawberries?

* About your phone charger?

* Making it easier to cut your nails.

Questions answered by the coach –

Ways to organize prescription pills

How to deal with noisy places.

How to safely descend wet steps.

Week 3 – ask the home maker.

16 Uses For Club Soda

  1. Cleaning diamonds

2 Making fluffy pancakes waffles and matsa balls

3 Make a poor man’s lava lamp

4Clean grease stains from double-knit fabrics

5 Make inexpensive soft drinks

  1. Remove wine spills or other spots from carpet
  2. Clean and shine porcelain fixtures
  3. Clean chrome or stainless steel
  4. Water your plants
  5. Remove food stains from clothes
  6. Clean countertops
  7. Relieve an upset stomach
  8. Remove grease from a car windshield
  9. Loosen rusty nuts and bolts
  10. Change blond hair dyed green by chlorine back to its original color
  11. Preserve newspaper clippings

Week 4 – book and product reviews.

And now ask the writer

Product review = Magnetic Kitchen Clips

Book review = Tales of the South Pacific

By James A. Michener

Tales of the South Pacific

By James A. Michener

Ask the writer = tips on writing a blog

“ask Donna”( )

Ask Donna YouTube Playlist:


“dining with donna”

( )

week 1 – Autumn Dump Cake

week 2 – Cranberry Apple Cake

week 3 – Orange Cranberry Cake

week 4 – Sweet Potato Cake

Dining With Donna YouTube Playlist:



Donna has resumed posting to the Access to Information News weekly online newsletter

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And for November:

Words that open doors

Words That Open Doors – Let’s Pay More Attention To This


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