The Walmart Woes – Time To Hold Them And Others Accountable

The Walmart woes.

And with the holiday season fast approaching I am hoping that something drastic will be done to help those consumers such as seniors, persons with disabilities, and those who are unable to pack their own goods when they go shopping at not just WalMart but all of those other large entities to pack their goods.

I have tried very hard to understand the self check out reasoning and logic but truth be told I am having great trouble doing so and my concerns only continue to increase.

With the advent of those self check out kiosks, seniors, persons with disabilities, and so many others continue to be challenged when they go shopping.  For me as a vision impaired person, I am practically unable to use these kiosks if a sighted friend does not accompany me and when I am able to find a cash register at Walmart then guess what?

The casher simply takes care of business by cashing my goods and does not even make a single attempt to help me pack my goods.  They just sit there on their chair, cashes my goods, tells me the amount that I owe, then sits there waiting for me to pay up.

It may not be their job to help me but in the past we had cashers who were always willing and ready to pack goods for those of us who could not do it for ourselves

So what’s missing here?  Has it now become a part of society where all that companies care about is to fill their tills with our money?  No regard for service and no regard for helping those of us who have difficulty serving ourselves?

I respectfully submit that self check outs are nothing but a menace to society.  They take away my independence as a vision impaired person to carry out my shopping independently and with dignity.

If I am unable to find sighted assistance to accompany me on my shopping trips then I might as well stay home.

If I decide to use a casher to  cash my goods then I should not expect them for the most part to help me!

So where does this leave me as a Human Being?

Out in the cold and once more I and my community and others in similar positions have been sadly left out and forgotten.

I am calling on Walmart and others to please reconsider the way you do business!

Think of a rapidly aging population and consumer base and think of those hundreds of thousands of employees who continue to lose their jobs because of those self check out kiosks.

My final thoughts?

We really need to hold the feet of these types of stores to the fire and literally strong arm them into paying attention and taking action!

Just my two cents for today.

Image = An empty blue and yellow self-checkout kiosk with a magazine rack on the right-hand side.

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