Catch up with sight loss coach Donna J. Jodhan – For the bathroom; For the Bathroom Removing Rust Stains For the bathroom Toilet Rings Glass Shower Doors

The Monthly News Round Up For Award Winning Advocate, Sight Loss Coach and Author Donna J. Jodhan

For the month of December 2023.


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The Wal Mart woes

The WalMart Woes – Help Make the Holidays More Pleasant!

What does Apple really mean by the slogan access matters?

What Does Apple Really Mean by the Slogan “Access Matters”? – Apple Should Expand!


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Contributions From Founder and Advocate Donna Jodhan


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Read Donna J. Jodhan’s news round up for November 2023

Hottest tips from the Sterling Creations Business Desk

From the Sterling creations team – Helpful tips for December 2023

Latest news from the Apple Vis online newsletter

A review of the Mandarin Restaurant

A review of the Mandarin restaurant – just in time for Christmas and Newyear!

A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s latest did you know diary


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and for this month

How does one create an accessible holiday function?

Ask an Expert – December 2023 – How Does One Create an Accessible Holiday Function?


Read Donna’s author’s tip for this month

Great time for creating

Ask an Author – December 2023 – Great Time for Creating

Ask sight loss coach Donna J. Jodhan –

And catch up with previous author’s tips


Read Donna J. Jodhan’s articles on ask the coach for this month

How to avoid sweeping bottles off of your counter

Ask Sight Loss Coach Donna J. Jodhan – How To Avoid Sweeping Bottles Off Of Your Counter

A proven way to place batteries in devices and other similar things.

A way to label a microwave as a vision impaired person.

Ask sight loss coach Donna J. Jodhan – how to label your microwave if you are vision impaired


Read Donna J. Jodhan’s tips and hints for catching up with the coach for this month

For the Bathroom

Removing Rust Stains

For the bathroom

Toilet Rings

Glass Shower Doors



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“ask Donna”( ) for November 2023

Week 1 – ask the blogger

(on bullying; When the student raises their voice at their teacher

(Tips on entrepreneurship; Is entrepreneurship just for men?

(Scams and scammers; Seeking a company rep

Donna’s thought for today; Who is the legal guardian

Week 2 – ask the coach.

A bit of this and a bit of that From Donna’s monthly did you know diary

Week 3 – ask the home maker.

25 vintage cooking tips

Week 4 – product and book reviews.

Product review = 1 x   V7 Deluxe USB Stereo Headset with Microphone, Mute/Volume Button

Book review = Bullseye  by James Patterson

“ask Donna”( )

Ask Donna YouTube Playlist:


“dining with donna” for November 2023

( )

week 1 – Asian Shrimp And Noodle Salad

week 2 – Chicken And Black Bean Tostadas

week 3 – Gazpacho

week 4 – Smoked Salmon Wrap

Dining With Donna YouTube Playlist:



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The Wal Mart Woes

The Walmart Woes – Time To Hold Them And Others Accountable


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