Catch up with Coach Donna J. Jodhan and learn about tips for Children (safety tips)

Catching up with the coach!

December 30 2022

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Welcome to my blind lifestyle newsletter.

Today I am pleased to share some of my tips with you and you can read more of these by visiting


3) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Best Of Hints For Children

Safety Tips

* Even adults sometimes walk into closed sliding glass doors. To help youngsters to avoid this hazard, place a piece of colored tape on the glass at eye level to alert the child when the door is closed.

* Teach a child as early as possible that red means danger. Paint all harmful bottle caps with red fingernail polish. Red is a danger signal that he/she will recognize throughout his/her life.

* If your toddler likes to try sneaking outside when you’re not looking, tie a small bell to the door. You will always be able to hear when the door is being opened.



4) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Best Of Hints For Children

Baby’s First Pair Of Shoes

* For baby with his/her first pair of hard-soled shoes, walking on a ahrd surface is like walking on ice for an adult. If you glue a very thin strip of foam rubber to the soles of the shoes, the baby will gain much confidence when he/she is walking. When worn, scrape off the remains with a razor blade and apply a new piece.


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