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The Monthly News Round Up For Award Winning Advocate, Sight Loss Coach and Author Donna J. Jodhan

For the month of January 2024


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For the month of January, Donna engaged in the following activities.

The Leadership Debates commission

Donna carried out the following activities.

*             Reviewed the LDC’s 2023/2024 Accessibility Plan

*             Suggested creative, innovative ways that the 2023/2024 Accessibility Plan can be implemented

*             Provided feedback based on lived experience

*             Suggested people that the LDC can consult with for their 2024/2025 plan

*             Made recommendations on how the LDC can improve on their plan for 2024/2025, and continue to advance


The Canadian Air Transportation security Agency

Donna confirmed that she will be participating in activities with this agency to assist in training CATSA agents across Canada.

Work is scheduled to begin in early March.


Elections Canada

Donna submitted her evaluations on various tool kits to Elections Canada and these will be included when Elections Canada puts these tool kits into full operation.

Workshop Outline for Toolkit 1 – Running in a Federal Election

Workshop Outline for Toolkit 2 – Working in a Federal Election

Workshop Outline for Toolkit 3 – Registering and Voting in a Federal Election

She will also be submitting her feedback on Overview_Directive on Accessibility Exemptions when Selecting a Suitable Polling Place


Working with Janet Perez to offer entrepreneurship tips

Donna has started work on this project and over the coming weeks she will be working with graduates from the Carroll Centre’s screen reader user tester training course to offer tips on entrepreneurship.

Janet has extensive experience teaching children, teens, and adults who are blind or visually impaired. She has worked for the NC Division of Services for the Blind and the Governor Morehead School for the Blind (K-12) where she taught assistive technology, college prep, and career prep classes.


Appearance on Aaron Richmond’s daily podcast Aaron’s opion.

On January 20 Donna appeared on Aaron’s opinion and gave an hour long live interview with Aaron.

She answered several questions ranging from advocacy to her personal opinions on building a better world.

You can listen here

Building a better world with Donna Jodhan <> <>

<> <>



Appointment to the Air Canada advisory committee

Donna is delighted to announce that she has accepted a three year position to be a part of the Air Canada advisory group on accessibility issues.

(New Customer Accessibility Advisory Committee, consisting of customers with


This position includes attending 4 meetings yearly; 2 virtual and 2 face to face meetings and Donna looks forward to working with her fellow committee members to help make Air Canada one of the top airlines in the world when it comes to providing second to none customer services to persons with disabilities.

You can view the Air Canada press release that was issued on Jan 30 2024.


You can start by taking a tour of Donna’s personal diary by visiting

Donna posts 3 times weekly and her posts gives you great insights into her daily life, challenges, and perspectives as a blind/vision impaired person.


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Donna has resumed posting to the Access to Information News weekly online newsletter

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What did I learn for 2023

Through the eyes of my crystal ball

Through The Eyes Of My Crystal Ball – Hoping For Some Shockers And Shakers

The Scotia Bank saga

The Scotia Bank Saga – Shameful And Embarrassing



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