Catchup with sight loss coach Donna J. Jodhan – all about taking care of your car during the winter and more

Catching up with the coach!

January 2024


1) The best of hints for cars

Quick Window Cleaning

* Baking soda quickly cleans spatters and traffic grime from windshields, headlights, chrome and enamel. Wipe with soda, sprinkled onto a damp sponge or dissolve 2 tablespoons in a quart of water. Rinse.



2) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Best Of Hints For The Car

Preventing Doors And Trunk From Freezing Shut

* Wipe the rubber gaskets with a heavy coating of vegetable oil. The oil will seal out water, but won’t harm the gasket. Especially good before having your car washed in the winter.



3) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Best Of Hints For Cars

Cigarette Ashes

* Ashes that continue to burn in the car ashtray are a nuisance. Prevent by placing an inch of baking soda (or gravel) in the bottom of the tray.



4) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Best Of Hints For Cars

A Parking Trick

* If you have bumped the front fender of your car into the back wall of your garage, try this: suspend a small rubber ball on a string from the ceiling of the garage so that when the ball strikes your windshield, you will know the car is in far enough so you can close the garage door.




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