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Small Business News: The Twitter Revolution « Small Business Center By Alix Shadonnay and Donna J. Jodhan
The Twitter revolution is here to stay and what a revolution it is!  Twitter is still a new thing, it is fast, it is growing in popularity, and it is poised to change how we interact with each other.
Individuals and businesses are using Twitter to communicate with each other and you know what?  Twitter is helping to make our world smaller in so many ways!  How so?  By enabling instantaneous communications to take place between and among individuals and companies of all sizes.  This is only going to get better with time and hats off to Twitter! We have a reference for you to check out; how a small business is using Twitter to grow.  Please see below.
+++++++++++++++ Small Business News: The Twitter Revolution « Small Business Center By admin Another story of a small bricks and mortar business making use of Twitter, this time from an SEO’s perspective. See how Cafe Italia in Victoria outside Melbourne, Australia, has used the Twitter platform to engage customers and hear some suggestions about how ….. The fifth annual COSE Small Business Conference is a two-day experience packed with educational workshops, national keynote speakers, a business-to-business tradeshow and effective networking opportunities. … Small Business Center –
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