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Helpful tips = for January 2022

In this issue:


General tips

Articles of the day

* salt stains on leather boots? old paint on carpet? =

From the pages of Donna’s travel = diary

* Travel in the new = year?



General = tips

Courtesy of the research team at =


Scams of the month:

Before giving you our scam tips of the month, here are = some very valueable tips.

You need to = remember that scams come in the following formats:

As emails, as phone calls both recorded and via a live = caller, and o yes!  It can even show up at your door and in your = mailbox.

And now they are targeting = us through texts being sent to our cell phones.


Before = giving you the latest scams making the rounds; we have some do nots to = share with you.

Do not respond to = emails that look strange to you.

Do = not download attachments from unknown senders.

Do not share your username and password to your online = banking and any other online payments facilities with = anyone.

Do not give out any banking = or personal details on the phone to unknown callers.

Do not pay any attention to threats from automated = phone recordings or from live persons with regard to your credit card or = that you owe money to any revenue agency.

Do not entertain any offers either via email or by = phone from senders and callers offering incredible service packages as = they may pertain to cable and tv services, prizes that you have won, or = any sort of any type of service package.

Do not answer the door to unknown = callers.

Take extra caution to make = sure that the details of your credit cards and debit cards are fully = protected when you make payments at restaurants or at stores, = pharmacies, and elsewhere.

Do not = enter your password for Facebook or Twitter in response to a text = request on your cell phone.

The same = if you are asked for your Apple ID.

Do not fall prey to a text message telling you that = your banking details have been Compromised online.


From Melanie = Mama Peach


1) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Substitutions/When You Are Out Of What You Need, Plus = Some Switches You May Prefer To Make:

No Unsweetened Chocolate? (For 1 Square – 1 = ounce)

* Use 3 tablespoons = unsweetened cocoa plus 1 tablespoon shortening.



2) = Substitutions/When You Are Out Of What You Need, Plus Some Switches You = May Prefer To Make:

No = Eggs?

* If you omit an egg in a = recipe, increase the liquid by 3 or 4 tablespoons for each egg omitted. = It’s risky, however, in delicately balanced cake or cookie recipes, or = in recipes using lots of eggs.



3) = Substitutions/When You Are Out Of What You Need, Plus Some Switches You = May Prefer To Make:

No Fresh Herbs Or = Spices?

* Substitute dried herbs or = spices. Dried are more concentrated. The ratio is about 1 to 3, so in = recipes calling for 3 tablespoons of fresh chopped herbs, use 1 = tablespoon of dried.



4) Best Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Substitutions/When You Are Out Of What You Need, Plus = Some Switches You May Prefer To Make:

No Honey? (1 cup)

* = Use 1 1/4 cups of sugar plus 1/4 cup water (or the liquid called for in = the recipe?. You’re taking a chance, however, whenever you substitute = sugar for liquid sweetener, or vice versa, in delicately balanced = recipes.



5) = Substitutions/When You Are Out Of What You Need, Plus Some Switches You = May Prefer To Make:

No Cake = Flour?

* Use all-purpose flour. Sift, = pile lightly into a 1 cup measure; level off. Then remove 2 tablespoons. = Use this 7/8 measure for each cup of cake flour.

* To reverse the process when you have only cake flour = and need all-purpose, use 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons cake flour for each = cup of all-purpose flour.



6) Best Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

The = Egg

How To Prepare A Hard-Boiled = Egg:

Don’t laugh, there’s more to it = than you think. Place eggs in a pan, cover with cold water and sprinkle = in some salt. The salt will keep the eggs from oozing out if the shells = crack while cooking. Bring to a boil and simmer gently for 10 minutes. = Drain off the hot water and place in cold water; be sure to crack all = the eggs. Allow to cool. This will make peeling easier and will prevent = a green ring around the yolk.



7) est Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

The = Egg

More About Eggs

* To determine whether an egg is fresh without = breaking the shell, immerse the egg in a pan of cool, salted water. If = it sinks to the bottom, it is fresh. If it rises to the surface, it is = stale.

* Fresh eggs are rough and = chalky in appearance. Old eggs are smooth and shiny.

* To determine whether an egg is hard-boiled, spin it. = If it spins round and round, it is hard-boiled. If it wobbles and will = not spin, it is raw.

* Pierce the end = of an egg with a pin, and it will not break when placed in boiling = water.

* A few drops of vinegar will = keep poached eggs from running all over the pan.

* To remove egg yolk which has dropped into the white, = use a corner of a wet cloth or a piece of the egg = shell.

* Eggs beat up fluffier when = not too cold. They should be at cool room temperature for best = results.

* By adding vinegar to the = water, you can boil cracked eggs without having the white run out of the = shell.

* By adding 1 tablespoon of = water per egg white, you can increase the quantity of beaten egg whites = for meringue.

* When eggs are stuck = to the carton, just wet the box and the eggs can be easily removed = without cracking the shells.

* Beaten = egg whites will be more stable if you add 1 teaspoon cream of tartar to = each cup of egg whites (7 or 8 eggs).

* A small funnel is handy for separating egg whites = from egg yolks. Open the egg over the funnel and the white will run = through and the yolk will remain.

* = For baking, it’s best to use medium to large eggs. Extra large eggs may = cause cakes to fall when cooled.

* = Brown and white shelled eggs are of the same quality.

* Egg shells can be removed easily from hot = hard-boiled eggs if they’re quickly rinsed in cool water = first.

* To keep egg yolks fresh for = several days, cover them with cold water and store in the = refrigerator.



8) Best Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

The = Egg

A Good Cup Of = Coffee

* One pinch of salt in the = basket will remove some of the acid taste. For clear coffee, put egg = shells in after perking. And remember, always start with cold = water.



9) Best Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Temperature Control Part 1/Keeping Hot Foods = Hot

In The Oven

* If your oven holds a very low temperature, Set it at = 140 degrees or warm. Cover the hot food with a loose tent of foil or the = cover of a pan set slightly askew, not tight or the food will steam. It = will keep hot an hour or more.



10) Best Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Temperature Control Part 1: Keeping Hot Foods = Hot

On Hot Trays And = Trivets:

* Always preheat the tray = and have the food hot and covered when it’s placed on the = tray.



11) Best Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Temperature Control Part 1: Keeping Hot Foods = Hot

In Hot Water

* A small amount of food can be kept hot in the top of = a double boiler, with boiling water in the bottom pan.

* Set a baking dish or platter holding hot food on top = of a pan of simmering water. Cover with foil, the food should stay hot = up to an hour.



12) Best Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Temperature Control Part 1: Keeping Hot Foods = Hot

Wrapping Up

* Wrap a roast in a double thickness of foil or 10 or = more layers of newspaper to keep it hot for up to an hour. Food can be = transported this way, too.



13) Best Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Time = Control Part 1: Keeping Hot Foods Hot

Boxing In

* Hot = casseroles or a Dutch oven filled with hot foods, covered or = well-wrapped, can be stored or transported in an insulated picnic = carrier. The food will stay hot longer if the carrier is filled. Stuff = any spaces with crumpled paper.

* Use = an ice bucket with a cover to keep stews, soups, etc. hotfor an hour or = longer. Rinse the bucket in hot water first to warm it. Don’t use the = plastic foam types because the food may leak.



14) Best Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Temperature Control Part 1: Keeping Hot Foods = Hot

Vacuum Bottle

* To keep the contents of a vacuum bottle hot longer, = first rinse in hot water. Fill again with scalding hot water and let = stand until ready to pour in the hot liquid.



15) Best Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Temperature Control Part 2 – Keeping The Cold Food = Cold

In Refrigerator Or = Freezer

* Chill plates, serving = bowls, platters and serving pieces about 15 minutes before adding = chilled foods.

* Many foods, such as = cut fruit and milk, can be given an extra chill by placing them in the = freezer for 15 minutes, or so before serving. Don’t do it with salad = greens because they will wilt.



16) Best Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Temperature Control Part 2: Keeping Cold Food = Cold

Canned Ice

* Use canned ice to set around foods on a buffet table = or tuck in insulated bags in which cold foods are packed. To make it, = fill sturdy plastic bags with ice cubes and water and freeze solid; or = fill empty milk cartons three-fourths full with water, freeze and set = upright in a picnic bag; or use plastic bowls with tight-fitting covers, = then submerge them in bowls of food. Individual cans of frozen fruit and = vegetable juices can be used in the same way, and they will also provide = the mealtime beverage.



17) Best Of = Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Time = Control Part 2: Keeping Cold Food Cold

In Ice Buckets

* = Use an insolated ice bucket for serving chilled foods. To pre-chill the = bucket, fill it with ice for 15 minutes; empty out the ice and put in = the chilled foods. Covered, it will stay cold for an hour or = longer.

* Set a bottle of wine or = carafe of a beverage in an ice bucket filled about half full full of = ice.





Articles of = the day

Chosen by the Business Desk = team


salt stains on leather boots? old paint on carpet? =

no worries! and lots = more

salt. it’s mandatory in a = human diet. but salt can be as destructive as it is needful due to its = ability to eat holes through metal and leave ugly stains on footwear. = here’s a

terrific way to take = care of that problem—quick and easy!

salt stains. olive oil removes salt and stains from = leather boots and shoes. shines the leather, too. it’s an italian = thing!

super-quick dry. need to dry a = pair of jeans or pajamas in a hurry? put them and a completely dry bath = towel into the dryer. they’ll be dry in a fraction of the time = they

would have taken on their = own.

ice bag. pour 1/2 cup water and = 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol into a quart-size ziploc bag and seal tightly. = put it into another bag and seal it for double protection. label clearly =

as non-edible and freeze. it will = remain slushy because the alcohol cannot

freeze. perfect to mold to the wounded area when you = need an ice pack

paint stains. even = if it’s been there for a long time, you can get latex paint out of = carpet or fabric with lacquer thinner (not paint thinner), available at = hardware or home

improvement = centers. using a clean white cloth, wet the dried paint with the = thinner. allow it to penetrate then gently blot with the cloth. be sure = to test the

carpet or fabric for = color fastness in an inconspicuous place first, keep the thinner out of = the reach of children and pets and use in a well-ventilated = area.

closet strategy. when you = change your closets over for a new season, put

the hangers on the rod backwards. when you wear an = item, turn the hangers the conventional way. at the end of the season = you can easily see what you haven’t worn and the items =

you need to evaluate for = culling.

power brush.  if you = use an electric toothbrush and are like me you hate

throwing away those old, not so cheap but need-to-be = replaced toothbrush heads. hang onto them because i recently found a use = for them. the stones in my wedding rings tend to

get dull and dirty from everyday wear but now i just = place an old head on the toothbrush and spin the dirt away. once you = decide to replace the entire toothbrush hang on to

the old one to be used for deep down house cleaning in = smaller places such as baseboards, corners or between the knobs on your =


visit the men’s department. buy mens toiletries = if you have a choice when

it comes = to unscented deodorant, shaving foam and hair colorings, for example. = products manufactured specifically for men are significantly cheaper = ounce for ounce than those

made for = women. go figure.

straight cut. = ladies: need only the bottom of your long hair trimmed a barber can cut = just as straight as a beautician. and the cost? typically, less than = half the salon


heartbreak = in the dryer. melted-on crayon can be removed by first

applying wd-40 to the area, working it into the stain = with your fingers. once the wd-40 has begun to break down the petroleum = base of the crayon, apply

concentrated detergent to remove both the stain and = and the wd-40. put back into the washer and launder as usual. it works = like a charm.

suede spot remover. = most leather cleaning products caution that they should not be used on = suede. recently i managed to some kind of ugly gunk on the suede portion = of my

leather shoe. i grabbed the = folex carpet spot remover (my favorite for carpet spots) and an old = tooth brush and went to work on it. it worked fabulously to remove the = stain.

stains treated with folex = just don’t reappear either—in carpet or suede = shoes.

cucumbers. you know how the = expensive english cucumbers at the store are wrapped in plastic? the = guys at cooks illustrated tested wrapping regular uncut and cut = cucumbers in

plastic wrap. both work = and amazingly to allow you to keep any cucumber fresh for up to a = week!

by mary hunt





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