A review of the Home Sense Store – Bravo

A review of the Home Sense = store

By Donna J. = Jodhan



This = store has done its very best to adhere to the Covid restrictions and the = layout of the store and its staff should be commended on a job well = done!


So how would I rate their services?  With 1 being = the lowest and 5 being the highest, here are my = ratings.

Service desk assistance – = 5

Assistance for customers with = special needs – 5

Assistance on the = floor of the store – 5


Remarks = :

This is a very welcoming store and = things are made so easy when products are easy to find and staff are so = very helpful and more than willing to assist.


About = staff:

Knowledgeable about what they = sell.


Any suggestions?

Just keep up your wonderful work!


Contact = info:

Located at the Fairview mall in = North York Toronto.


To learn = more about me as a sight loss coach visit www.donnajodhan.com


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