The Post Pandemic Landscape – It’s Here To Stay

The Post Pandemic Landscape

There is no denying it!  Now that we are into the post Pandemic era we are going to need to pack such things as an abundance of patience, fortitude, and understanding when we travel for the foreseeable future.  This in addition to our Covid kits; hand sanitizers, masks, and wipes.

I can confirm this as at the end of May I traveled from Toronto to Portugal on an Air Canada flight and I am very pleased to share that this airline, my national airline; went way and above the call of duty to ensure that my needs as a vision impaired passenger were met.  Most importantly, they ensured that I was never wanting for anything.

As soon as I arrived at the check in counter, a warm and friendly Air Canada agent was there to welcome me.  She processed  my passport, tagged my luggage and then another agent escorted my friend and me through security and then to the departure gate.

What greatly impressed me was that this agent stayed close by as I went through security ensuring that I was always given appropriate attention.  She never left my side and described everything to me; that being what was going on in my immediate surroundings.

When we arrived at the departure gate, my friend and I were seated close to the agent desk and we were among the first to be boarded.

In flight Service was excellent and upon arrival at Lisbon Airport, we were among the first to be deplaned.

This excellent service continued on our return journey.  Again, we were among the first to be boarded, in flight service was terrific and when we arrived at Pearson Airport, we were among the first to be deplaned.

The Air Canada agent made this final leg of the journey extremely bearable under very trying circumstances as when we arrived Pearson Airport was very busy with several other incoming flights in the bustling mid afternoon.

This very happy go lucky agent stayed with me as I had to deal with CBSA agents when they came to process my Arrive Can papers.  She walked with us as we found our luggage and escorted us to our final point where I said a very grateful goodbye and thanked her for her excellent service.

I will hasten to add that if I as a traveler who is vision impaired expects any airline to assist me to adequately navigate an airport both at departure and upon arrival then it is up to me to ensure that said airline is notified of my needs and requirements ahead of time.

This is what I did in the case of this trip and the Air Canada team at their MEDA desk worked to ensure that all was well.

In addition, it is up to me to arrive at the airport well ahead of time thus giving airline staff every opportunity to be of assistance.  At the end of the day, it is all about teamwork!  Me doing my part and a well trained front line staff of an airline doing theirs.

And this is exactly what occurred between me and the Air Canada staff.

My final thoughts?  The post Pandemic landscape is going to dictate future changes for years to come!

Just my two cents for today!

Image =. An Air Canada airliner sits on the tarmac with a bright red maple leaf emblazoned on its tail.

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