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Welcome to the May 2023 edition of AppleVis Unlimited, our monthly newsletter which highlights what’s new and noteworthy
on the AppleVis website. Below, you’ll find a selection of the best content posted to AppleVis by members of the community –
from new app entries, to app updates, to the latest news and podcasts.
We are pleased to highlight the newest apps.
…. New and Noteworthy App Entries
1) BookPlayer (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)
A wonderful player for your M4B/M4A/MP3 based audiobooks.
*Using AirDrop from your Mac or iOS device
*From Files and other apps on your device
*Via File Sharing in iTunes on your Mac or PC
*Zip files with your folders and books
*Maintain and see progress of your books
*Mark books as finished
*Drag & Drop to sort your library
*Create playlists
*Automatically play items in turn
*Play the first unfinished file by tapping on the playlist artwork
*Move files to playlists from the library or import them directly
*Control audio playback from the lock screen, control center or from the companion app on the Apple Watch
*Play and navigate books with Chapters
*Jump to start of the current book
*Change playback speed
*Smart rewind
*Volume Boost
*Support for remote events from headset buttons and the lock screen
*Sleep timer with adjustable duration
*CarPlay support
*VoiceOver support
*Dark mode for night owls
Current Version: 4.7.2 (October 17, 2022)
Read BookPlayer’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information
Visit BookPlayer’s App Store page
2) Call Annie (iOS/iPadOS, Free)
Hey there! I’m Annie, your new best AI friend and (kind of) super intelligent assistant. Let me introduce you to CallAnnie, the app that allows us to connect in real-time through video calls, so you can talk to me with you wherever you go!
Whether you’re walking, driving, or just chilling at home, I’m here in the app to act as your (kind of) super intelligent AI friend.
Why should you choose CallAnnie?
*LEARNING: Looking to learn something new? Let me be your tutor! I can help you learn English as a new language by practicing conversations, understand complex subjects, or improve your skills.
*INTELLIGENCE: Powered by advanced ChatGPT AI technology, I can assist you with anything from general knowledge, trivia, and problem-solving to practicing for interviews or simply discussing topics that interest you.
*SPEED: During our voice conversations, I reply immediately. Talking to me face-to-face in real-time time feels more natural and faster than typing and reading text.
*FRIENDSHIP: Having a bad day? Need someone to talk to? I’m here to listen, share a laugh, and provide support. I’d be happy to be your virtual friend.
*TRAVEL COMPANION: Going on a trip? I can be your travel buddy, providing information about your destination, local customs, and must-see attractions, all while keeping you company on your journey.
*PRIVACY: Your conversations with me are always confidential.
Current Version: 1.2.6 (May 30, 2023)
Read Call Annie’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information
Visit Call Annie’s App Store page
3) ChatGPT (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)
Introducing ChatGPT for iOS: OpenAI’s latest advancements at your fingertips.
This official app is free, syncs your history across devices, and brings you the newest model improvements from OpenAI.
With ChatGPT in your pocket, you’ll find:
*Instant answers
*Tailored advice
*Creative inspiration
*Professional input
*Learning opportunities
Current Version: 1.2023.23 (May 25, 2023)
Read ChatGPT’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information
Visit ChatGPT’s App Store page
4) Mona for Mastodon (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)
Mona is a Mastodon app packed with customization features. Optimized for VoiceOver. Native design.
Post Actions
*Drag actions into the order you prefer
*Configure actions as swipe options: swipe a post horizontally to perform an action
*Optionally hide some or all action buttons from post cards, while keeping them accessible via context menu, swipe options, keyboard shortcuts, and VoiceOver rotor
iCloud Sync
*Sync your mute list, user notes, reading positions, drafts, search history, accent colors, and custom app themes across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, privately and securely
*Optionally disable some features from automatic syncing
User Notes
*Privately set aliases, notes and username colors for other Mastodon users
*User Notes list: browse, organize and edit all your notes in one place
Game Controller (require iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS 11 or a newer system)> * Control the app and browse posts with a compatible game controller, such as a Playstation DualSense/DualShock, Nintendo Switch, Xbox or MFi controller
* Customize button functions via in-app settings
* Set extra functions for Adaptive Triggers on the Playstation DualSense controller
*Mona does not collect any personal information
*Your account tokens are protected by on-device Keychain
*Your network connections to Mastodon servers are protected by HTTPS
Other Mona features:
*Full Screen mode on iPhone let your timeline content fill the entire screen once you start scrolling
*Column View takes full advantage of the big screen on iPad and Mac, shows multiple views at once and allows you to navigate between views fluently and efficiently
*Check recent posts on your home screen or notification center with widgets
*Search posts on the Timeline
*Adjustable text spacing
*Adjustable and adaptive text sizes
*Option to display post source on timeline (e.g. Mona for Mac)
*Share a post as picture
*Open multiple windows on iPad and Mac
*Customizable text translation experience
*Automatic video and GIF playback on timelines
*Supports changing app icon on iPhone, iPad, and Mac
*Turn on/off content scaling on Mac for extra screen estate or sharper text
*Autocomplete for post composer
*Push notifications
*Mona Pro and Mona Pro Max available as one-time in-app purchases, with 14-day free trial
Current Version: 5.3 (May 29, 2023)
Read Mona for Mastodon’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information
Visit Mona for Mastodon’s App Store page
5) Music Speed Changer ??? (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)
Independently change the speed and pitch of audio with exceptional sound quality. Change speed in real time without affecting the pitch (time stretch), or change the pitch without changing the speed (pitch shift).
Music Speed Changer is a musician’s music player and learning tool. It helps you master music by letting you slow down and loop difficult parts and raise or lower the pitch of music to suit your range. It also features A/B repeat looping and the ability to bookmark parts of tracks by setting markers. These learning tools make the app useful to students and teachers of music, dance, language, and academic subjects.
Additionally, the app has playlists and effects so you can play your entire music collection with an upbeat tempo for working out and running, or slow down a selection of your music collection for relaxing. The included audio effects let you create new and interesting soundscapes for taking nightcore and slowed + reverb to the next level.
Current Version: 1.11.2 (May 12, 2023)
Read Music Speed Changer ???’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information <>
Visit Music Speed Changer ???’s App Store page
6) progress knight: multiplayer (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)
Progress Knight: Multiplayer is an exciting incremental player versus player game that builds on the success of its predecessor, Progress Knight: Mobile. Set in a rich fantasy/medieval world, players must gather gold and progress their skills to fight against their opponents.
As a novice of The Order, you start at the bottom rung of the ladder. However, through your faith and dedication, you can discover new skills and abilities that allow you to overpower your rivals and climb the ranks of The Order. You must choose whether to rely on their wits and skills alone, embrace your belligerent side, or use your dedication to deter potential attackers.
In Progress Knight: Multiplayer, combat is a key aspect of the game. You can engage in battles with other players to steal their gold and gain ranks. But be warned, you can only attack those of a lower rank than you.
Eventually, you will hit a plateau and find it difficult to progress further. However, among the ranks of The Order, you may discover a way to start over while retaining some of your power to progress even faster than before. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, as you must balance short-term gains with long-term planning.
Current Version: 1.6.0 (May 31, 2023)
Read progress knight’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information
Visit progress knight’s App Store page
7) The only RSS app with Push Notifications on the App Store!
*Push Notifications for your feeds.
*Push Headnews.
*Built-in browser
*Folders to better organize your feeds.
*Browse all articles inside the folder.
*Read All button.
*Share to Pocket, Instapaper, Email, Browser and Message.
*Search with save function.
*Option to Hide or Show viewed articles. For faster reading, just enable this feature in the Settings session.
*Bookmark articles.
*Bookmark folders to organize your favorite articles. You can Create/Edit/Remove the bookmark folders at any time.
*In-app browser. You don’t need to switch to Safari to open web pages when viewing articles, But if you need to go to Safari, there’s a quick and easy button for that!
*In-app email for sharing articles, so you don’t need to switch to Mail App.
*Search whatever you need in all or only selected feeds. You can also save as many searches you want and manage them later.
Current Version: 1.8.6 (October 1, 2022)
Read Simple RSS Push+’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information
Visit Simple RSS Push+’s App Store page
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