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The new look for 2024
March 2024

Welcome to our new look monthly tips where we are pleased to share a plethora of tricks and tips that are relevant to such things as technology, travel, managing your daily life, and much more.
So just come aboard, sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy!
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Table of contents –
1. From our 10 tips on technology series
2. From the pages of Donna’s travel diary
3. A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s did you know diary
4. From the scam watchers


From our 10 tips on technology series
10 tips for learning the Narrator screen reader

Sure, learning to use a screen reader like Narrator can significantly enhance accessibility for individuals with visual impairments. Here are 10 tips to help you get started with learning the Narrator screen reader:
Explore Basic Navigation: Familiarize yourself with fundamental navigation commands such as moving through elements on the screen, navigating by headings, links, and landmarks.
Keyboard Shortcuts: Learn the keyboard shortcuts specific to Narrator. These shortcuts are essential for quick navigation and interaction with various elements on your computer.
Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is key to becoming proficient with a screen reader. Regular use will help you gain confidence and improve your speed and accuracy.
Use Help and Resources: Take advantage of the user guides, tutorials, and online resources available for Narrator. Microsoft provides comprehensive guides and tutorials on their website.
Customize Settings: Narrator offers various customization options. Explore and adjust settings such as voice type, speed, pitch, verbosity, and other preferences to suit your needs and preferences.
Focus on Specific Tasks: Start by focusing on specific tasks such as browsing the internet, using word processing software, or navigating through different applications. Mastering one task at a time can be more manageable.
Get Support and Community: Join online forums, communities, or groups where users share tips, ask questions, and provide support. Learning from others’ experiences can be incredibly beneficial.
Learn Braille Integration (if applicable): If you use a Braille display in conjunction with Narrator, learn how to integrate it and practice using Braille for navigation and interaction.
Practice Reading Aloud: Narrator often reads out text. Practicing reading aloud as Narrator speaks can help reinforce understanding and improve comprehension.
Stay Patient and Persistent: Learning any new technology takes time. Be patient with yourself and persistent in your efforts. Over time, you’ll become more comfortable and efficient with the screen reader.
Remember, mastering a screen reader like Narrator can greatly improve accessibility, and it’s an ongoing learning process. The more you use it, the more proficient you’ll become.

Before you say no or turn thumbs down on these suggestions; consider these thoughts.
You can definitely increase your revenue and reduce both your internal and external costs and here’s how.

Take it from me! I have been an accessibility awareness consultant and advisor since 1998 and I continue to help companies to increase their revenues, reduce their costs, and reach hidden consumer markets!

Now as an award winning sight loss coach I am helping consumers with sight loss to become more aware of their environment and their requirements and this is helping companies to have a better understanding of how they need to plan and execute their initiatives.

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Important tips from the travel table
From the pages of Donna’s diary
An ideal travel agent

In my humble opinion, the ideal travel agent is one who is always willing and ready to help you from start to finish.
It all starts when I present my favourite travel agent with an idea for a trip.
Next she goes away and does a thorough search of my desired location that includes air fare, hotels, and activities at my desired location.

She presents me with about 3 choices and shares the pros and cons with me for each choice.
Then she reccomends her own personal choice.
She is patient, innovative, and creative.
She takes the time to plan with me and does not complete her job until I have either chosen something or I have decided not to pursue my intentions.

That’s my ideal travel agent! Very knowledgeable, resourceful and always ready to answer my questions.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.

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A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s did you know diary

Welcome to my Donna’s did you know diary for March and pleased to share the following with you.

Here’s what I learned for this month.
1)A bit of interesting trivia
“Bald eagles primarily eat fish and can live up to 40 years in the wild. Furthermore, they are monogamous and remain faithful to their mate until death. These amazing birds are especially renowned for their excellent eyesight. Eagles have two foveae, or centers of focus, in the retina of each eye that allow them to see both forward and to the side at the same time. (Human retinas have only one.)
Depending on which way an eagle looks, the lens of its eye focuses an image on one fovea or the other. The rear fovea is for forward, stereoscopic vision, and the other is for looking sideways. Both foveae are more densely lined with rods and cones than those of human eyes, giving them much greater resolving power.
Eagles have color vision, and while their eyes are not as large as a human’s, their sharpness is at least four times that of a person with perfect vision. While soaring, gliding, or flapping, they are capable of seeing fish in the water from several hundred feet above the surface or identify a rabbit moving almost a mile away. An eagle flying in a fixed position at an altitude of 1,000 feet could spot prey as small as a mouse over an area of almost three square miles!

2) Okay, and what is the difference between ointment and cream?
Ointment is thicker than cream and more care needs to be taken when spreading ointment.
It is easier to spread cream.

3) About one’s hands
The hand’s complex anatomy consists of 27 bones, 27 joints, 34 muscles, over 100 ligaments and tendons, numerous blood vessels, nerves, and soft tissue. It is important to understand the normal anatomy of the hand in order to learn about diseases and conditions that can affect our hands.
Our ability to function in everyday life depends a great deal on our hands. Feeding one’s self, bathing and a wide range of other tasks would not be possible without hands. It’s hard to imagine a life without two of them, but we all have seen or known some who has had to make such a life changing adjustment.

4) What exactly is a sheet pan?
Well, a sheet pan is used when cooking veggies and meat together.
It is good for one meal combinations.

5) What’s this about tea?
Brewing tea leaves tastes better than using a tea bag.

6) About prolonging the life of strawberries?
Cut them up into small slices and sprinkle sugar over them.
Store in a container.

7. About your phone charger?
It consists of the connector and a charger block
you insert one end of the connector into the block
and the other end into your I device.

8) Making it easier to cut your nails?
Soak your nails in warm water for just a few minutes before cutting.

That’s it for this month.
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From the scam watchers

Emails asking you to collect a parcel.
If you are not expecting delivery of a parcel then please ignore any email asking you to collect a parcel.
It is a definite hoax no matter if it is supposed to come from either a post office or a courier company.

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