Making Things Work – We Need To Change Our Attitudes!

Making things work.

I am not sure if we have fully realized that the only way for anything to work is for us to get behind the team building strategy.  Yes!  Stop complaining and groaning!  Stop the fault finding and the pessimism!

Instead, we need to find solutions and not create problems.  We need to engage more and communicate more!  Whenever someone tells me that something was not done right my response is to invite them to join me in finding and coming up with a solution.

Too much of the time the complainer finds an anemic excuse  such as they do not have time or that they have too much on their plate!  Not good enough!

I say to any naysayer; if you are unable to put a foot forward to help then please be quiet!  The only way to make things work is for us all to start rowing in the same direction!  No more faltering and fumbling!  No more backward glances!  It’s straight ahead and eyes forward!

My final thoughts?

We need to realize that the only way out of this present horrible situation that we have helped to create is for us to change our attitudes and do it now!

Nothing good is going to come to us if we continue to complain instead of commit!

Just my two cents for today.

Image = An illustration depicts the word TEAMBUILDING under which are 6 icons which read Team Spirit, Inspiration, Goals, Competence, Support and Motivation.

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