Hot off the presses! Donna J. Jodhan’s initiatives and activities for September

News round up for September 2022

For the month of September Donna continued her relentless pace on her various initiatives
Here are the highlights.
On September 02 Donna made her third appearance on Bob Branco’s podcast titled in perspective where she shared her experiences on how she interacts and communicates with the Canadian Federal Government as an accessibility consultant/advisor.
This podcast has listeners worldwide.
You can access this at

In Perspective, 273, With Donna Jodhan, Consultant With the Canadian Government

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On September 14 Donna participated in a training video for CATSA (Canadian Air Transportation Security Agency).
This video shoot was held at Toronto Pearson International Airport and it will be used as training material for over 8000 CATSA agents across Canada.
Here are the questions that Donna was asked to respond to.
First a brief introduction.
1. Explain [her] accessibility challenges when going through security screening
2. Describe how Screening Officers can help through the screening process and any steps a Screening Officer could take to facilitate the screening experience.
3. Key messages
4. Anecdote or short story (optional)
Image = the CATSA logo

On September 17 Donna in conjunction with the CCB Toronto Visionaries chapter sponsored a harbour boat cruise and there were over 100 attendees.
A great time was had by all with a sumptuous lunch served and there were several door prizes.
Donna donated the proceedes from her pre Covid chapter activities to this venture and moving forward she will now be concentrating on annual single events.
Watch for her upcoming Dear MRS Claus letter writing competition announcements opened to kids from around the world.
Images = CCB Mysteries chapter and CCB Visionaries chapter

For the month of September Donna answered the following questions from her ask the coach feature
These were just some of the questions asked.
How important is it for a vision impaired person to engage in physical activity?
Are there any tried and proven ways to discover stains on carpets.
Are there any good ways to clean bath tubs.
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Donna included the following tips in her catching up with the coach feature for the September 01 issue:
1) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Best Of Hints
For The Bathroom: Ceramic Tile:
* Turtle Wax (car wax) is an excellent tile cleaner and refinisher. Rub in well with a soft cloth, let stand for 10 minutes. Do not let it dry too thoroughly. Polish with a clean cloth or better yet, buff with an electric buffer. Your tiles will sparkle like new.
* Try cleaning with a solution of sal soda concentrate, the strength depending on the extent of the soil. To the stubborn cracks, apply the sal dry with a stiff brush.
* Clean the recessed spaces between tiles with an ordinary typewriter eraser or rub with a white nail pencil.
* Make a paste of baking soda and bleach and scrub with a small brush.
* Also, before you start cleaning the bathroom walls, fill the tub with the hottest tap water available. Dirt loosened by steam will come off faster.

In her September 15 issue she highlighted the following article:
10 Foods That Help You Sleep Better
Contributed by Gaston Bedard
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For the month of September Donna’s whose blind life is it anyway show “ask Donna” featured the following topics.
Week 1 –
Ask the advocate – examples of provincial entities
Week 2 –
As the author – study time resumed
Week 3 –
As the coach – the importance of physical activity
Week 4 –
As the expert – What makes a workplace accessible
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In September, Donna’s dining with Donna show debued.
Donna started a weekly show where each week she shared tried and proven recipes with her listeners and for September the theme was focused on recipes containing 300 calories or less.
Here are the highlights to this show.
week 1 – Asian Pork Tenderloin
week 2 – Barley With Currants And Pine Nuts
week 3 – Mushroom Wild Rice
week 4 – Vegetable Curry
Text copies are available and you can listen in at

For the month of September Donna wrote the following editorials
The challenge of interpreting
How accessible is our future?
Crying in the dark
The assumption syndrome
You can read these editorials by visiting


And a selection of her advocacy editorials can also be found at

Contributions From Founder and Advocate Donna Jodhan

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You can listen to Donna’s ask donna’s shows at
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You can read Donna’s author’s tips for September;
study time resumed at
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You can read Donna’s ask an expert feature for September;
What makes a workplace accessible at
Image = donna and laptop

Finally! Read Donna’s product review on the Egg pod
Donna reviews a nifty product that helps you to cook hard boiled eggs in the microwave and then you can peal them without any difficulty.
Reader Review: The Egg Pod



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