A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s latest did you know diary – see what I learned for this month

June 2024

A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s did you know diary

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Welcome to my Donna’s did you know diary for this month and pleased to share the following with you.


Here’s what I learned for this month.


1)To make sure that your food warms evenly in your microwave:

Spread out your food on your plate, dish, or bowl before warming.


2) When unplugging our device:

Make sure to grab the part that is closest to the I device.

Do not pull out by the chord.


3) And what exactly is Kale?

Well! Kale is a type of cabbage but it tastes a lot more delicious.


4) What exactly is pork belly?

And o yes!  Pork belly is sliced bacon.

When you bake it the skin on it turns to crackling!


5) What’s this about your video doorbell?

According to the experts, criminals now have the ability to infiltrate your doorbell

And they can monitor your daily routine.

Who comes and who goes.

This means that you need to ensure that your video doorbell is able to thwart those infiltrators.


6) And here are some tips on fishing for you!

For the average person out for a fishing trip, casting their line into the water doesn’t mean there will be a successful catch.

We can follow the fishing rules of having a sinker attached to make the hook go deep;

being quiet;

threading the worm on the hook completely

and not to throw things in the water that would disturb the fish.


7) If you want to get the most accurate reading from your bathroom scale then?

Place the scale on a bare floor and not on the carpet.

If you place it on the carpet then the scale shows a lower reading.


8) Sitting in a window seat on a plane?

You are exposed to more sun rays.


9) Keep these indicators in mind the next time you think you may be having a heart attack.

First, you are sweating.

Second, you are having chest pains.

Third you are Nauseous.



10) Having problems cleaning your eye lashes?

Gently wash with some baby shampoo!








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