TouchFire Keyboard for IPads Starting at Only $39.99! 4e3d3/i/a2542983-e271-461c-9e20-12955ed1a2db.png These Unique Touchfire Features Prove Touchfire is the Last iPad Case You’ll Ever Buy! Lightweight Yet Ultra-Protective Beautiful, high-grip outer material keeps your iPad firmly in hand, and provides the first level of protection. The shock absorbent inner material works like a bicycle helmet – your iPad is suspended on ribs that isolate it from drops. The iPad’s screen is surrounded by subtle side-guards that protect it from damage even when the cover is open. And a strong magnetic latch keeps the cover closed when you’re on the move. Now you can take your iPad anywhere without worry. Now you can feel the keys and even type without looking using Touchfire’s patented 3-D keyboard. It magnetically snaps into place over your iPad’s on-screen keyboard, and it’s 100% transparent. You’ll type with comfort, speed and accuracy. Don’t need the keyboard for the moment? No problem, the keyboard easily retracts and can also magnetically attach to the cover to be totally out of the way. The World’s Thinnest, Lightest & Most Accurate iPad Keyboard We built a little speaker cabinet right into the case! It re-directs the sound to the front of the iPad, significantly improving sound quality and volume. Now you and your friends can enjoy your music and videos without needing an extra Bluetooth speaker. Little Case, Big Sound Magnetic Mounting, Built Right In Touchfire is the only iPad case in the world that has a built-in magnetic mount. You can securely hang your Touchfire from any magnetic metal surface – a refrigerator, a filing cabinet, a metal-backed white board. Now your iPad stays out of the way but is still close at hand. Introducing the Touchfire Wall Mount The Touchfire Wall Mount lets you magnetically hang your iPad to any wall at home or at work – in the kitchen, in the dining room, out by the barbeque, in the bathroom or in your office. The Wall Mount is thin and beautiful. We designed it to work well with any decor. It uses a 3M adhesive that reliably bonds to all surfaces, yet it can be easily removed without damaging the wall. 4e3d3/i/4517794c-48a6-4864-8d70-460866269383.jpg New Low Price On All Touchfire Products Here is a link to the official website for TouchFire. When accessing this link a video and vrief tutorial comes on screen.]]>

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