Sports, Games and Recreation for the Blind and Physically Handicapped and Wounded Warriors

Fishing Has No Boundaries, Inc. 1. (Hayward, WI) has as its goal “to open the great outdoors for people with disabilities through the world of fishing.” Phone: 800-243-3462 Phone: 715-634-3185. 2. Grown-Up Camps lists twelve camps for grown-ups with visual impairments in the United States and Canada. 6421 N. Congress Ave., Suite 200 Boca Raton, FL 33487 PHONE (561) 443-2924 FAX (561) 443-2904 3. Christian Record Services runs National Camps for Blind Children every summer in 26 locations. Description: Description: Christian Record Services’ headquarters Mission Christian Record Services for the Blind improves the quality of life for children, teens, and adults with visual impairments by providing them with free programs and services focused on their needs. Goal The goal of the many volunteers, employees, and directors of Christian Record Services for the Blind is to reach every blind or visually impaired person in North America with our free Christian publications and services. Christian Record provides new opportunities for persons who are blind or visually impaired. Each year thousands of lives are changed by the services provided to them without cost. All who are blind, legally blind (20/200 with corrective lenses), or have physical impairments that prevent them from holding reading material are eligible for the following free services: * Subscription Magazines are available in braille, large print, and audio cassette. * Full-Vision Books combine braille and print, enabling blind parents to read to their sighted children and sighted parents help their blind children learn to read braille. * The Lending Library lends more than 1,400 volumes in braille and NLS digital cartridge. * Gift Bibles and Study Guides are available in braille, large print, solar player, and NLS digital cartridge. * National Camps for Blind Children are operated throughout North America. * College Scholarship Assistance is given on a limited basis to young people who are visually impaired and trying to obtain a college education. * inSight4Vets Player is a gift offered to United States military veterans who are blind or visually impaired. Christian Record is an international organization serving blind and visually impaired individuals in approximately 80 countries worldwide and employs about 100 people throughout the United States and Canada. 4. Kids’ Camps: “the Internet’s most comprehensive directory of camps and summer experiences,” lists 65 camps for visually handicapped children in the United States and Canada. It also lists camps for children having two dozen other sorts of special needs. Summer Camps, Day Camps, Overnight Camps, Sports Camps, Camp Directory – · c/o Internet Brands – 909 N. Sepulveda Blvd., 11th Floor – El Segundo, CA 90245 Toll Free: (877) 242-9330 – Fax: (310) 280-5177 * *II. Fishing “There are many people who have fished all of their lives, then they incur a disability and kind of give up,” said Pat, a volunteer for FHNB in Hayward, Wisconsin. “They see their disabilities as insurmountable. Then, their families urge them to get back into the stream of life and they find it’s not impossible. We had one man who hadn’t fished for years. He came just once to one of our events, and now he takes his son fishing in Canada every year. It opens doors.” For people with limited mobility who want to head out onto the water, one of the first challenges is finding the appropriate vessel to go on, according to Dr. Robert Weber, E.E.D, who teaches adaptive physical education at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, and heads UW-Oshkosh’s FHNB chapter. If a wheelchair-user is able to transfer to a boat, he or she can sit in a regular seat, with or without a lap belt for support. And many of the newer boats have fairly flat front decks that may help with the transition from pier to boat. “But most wheelchair users are most comfortable on a pontoon boat where they have the use of their regular wheelchair when they’re on the water” Weber said. Getting a wheelchair onto a pontoon boat is quite easy. Most resorts, disabled fishing events, and professional guide services have pontoon boats available. For those who don’t have ready access to a boat or just want to head out for a few hours of fishing, a public access pier may provide the answer. “Most communities that put out a pier have to be in compliance with ADA requirements, which means they have to be wheelchair accessible,” Weber said. “But I’m sure there’s a variance in piers. In some places the requirements aren’t enforced or might be interpreted differently.” Optimally, piers should be 8’ wide – wide enough to allow a wheelchair user to stop and maneuver safely. Most state governments have Web sites that list outdoor resources, including public access piers. Check your state government’s Web pages. Safety Most, if not all, states require that boaters have enough personal flotation devices for all on board. All participants in FHNB events are required to wear life jackets, which is a good idea for anyone fishing from a boat or a pier. Brakes can let loose, and wheelchairs can roll, so special care should be taken when a wheelchair is used around water. “But a life preserver won’t support the weight of the wheelchair,” Dr. Weber said. “A power chair can weigh 400 lbs. Unless the person needs a lap belt for support, we recommend they keep their belt free.” Adaptive Equipment Fortunately, however, if you can get to where the fish are, adaptive fishing equipment exists to make fishing accessible to just about everyone. * Clamp for fishing pole * Fishing pole clamp on wheelchair Description: Description: Description: The clamp on fishing pole holder keeps a good grip on the pole while it makes the reel available for one-handed operation. “There are all sorts of ways to get people fishing,” said Pat of FHNB. “There are ergonomic rods that are much easier for people with limited strength, rod holders, wrist straps – sometimes the volunteers design something all on their own for individual fishermen.” All types of rod holders exist – ones that fasten to a boat or wheelchair, straps to the user’s chest, or which the user sits on – to hold the rod comfortably for those who have limited or no use of their hands. For instance, the One-Armed Fishing Bandit ( was designed by a stroke survivor for people who can only use one arm. The Strong Arm (www. is a versatile fishing rod holder that straps to the user’s arm, making it suitable for anyone with limited or no grip. There are also numerous reels available to make casting and reeling in accessible to everyone. Companies such as Elec-Tra-Mate ( and John’s Reels have a variety of electric reels that are designed to reel in even the biggest catch at the touch of a button. However, the John’s Reel, for instance, is not a simple “fishing winch…You still set the drag, play the fish, and experience the feel of the fight,” according to the manufacturer. It is available in several options, including a remote push-button or remote joystick operation for high-level quadriplegics. Some reels, such as Van’s Easy Cast, can even cast for you and, Dr. Weber said, work is progressing on puff control reels that can cast and retrieve. And, while many commercial types of rod holders exist, some pvc pipe and a bit of ingenuity may be all you need to hold the rod steady. Dr. Weber advises that there are many Rotary Club International groups around the country that have tackle-loaning programs for people who don’t fish on a regular basis. There are many groups that exist to open the world of fishing to people with disabilities. FHNB can help you find those organizations, answer questions on adaptive fishing equipment, events, how others have adapted to a specific disability, and how to start your own chapter. For many of the participants, one event is all it takes to get them hooked on fishing. “We’ve had people between 6 and 91,” Dr. Weber said. “It’s something you can do for a lifetime, something you can do with family and friends, something that you can readily adapt to a variety of different situations or abilities.” “You get out on a boat and have the light rocking of the waves soothe and relax you. You experience the joy of just being outside, the camaraderie, the excitement of catching a fish, getting the fresh air, and the sunshine.” Organizations Fishing Has No Boundaries Equipment Access to Recreation Elec-Tra-Mate Electric Fishing Reel Systems Inc. Mailing Address: P.O Box 20411 Greensboro, NC 27420 Physical Address: 1700 Sullivan Street Greensboro, NC 27405 Phone Numbers: Voice: 336-273-9101 Fax: 336-370-9411 Rotary Club International Groups (contact your local Rotary Club to find out if they offer the tackle-loaning program) · You can visit the web address below to look for a club in your area. Rotary Club International Groups (contact your local Rotary Club to find out if they offer the tackle-loaning program) · *III. DNR – Information for Hunters with Disabilities and Permits,4570,7-153-10366_41825_51108-197553–,00.html Crossbow Permit Crossbows can be used in all archery seasons except for the late archery deer season in the Upper Peninsula unless the person has a crossbow permit. A person with a disability may apply for a crossbow permit. A physician can automatically certify a hunter as eligible for a crossbow permit if the hunter has an amputation involving body extremities required for stable function to use conventional archery equipment, or has a spinal cord injury resulting in permanent disability to the lower extremities, leaving the applicant permanently non-ambulatory, or has a permanent wheelchair restriction. If none of the above criteria apply, physicians, physical therapists or occupational therapists can certify hunters who fail a functional draw test that equals 35 pounds of resistance and involves holding it for four seconds, or a manual muscle test involving the grading of shoulder and elbow flexion and extension, or an impaired range-of-motion test involving the shoulder or elbow. In addition, a physician can recommend a crossbow permit for other temporary or permanent disabilities, such as neuromuscular conditions. For more information and an application, call 517-373-1204. Modified Crossbow Permit A person with a temporary or permanent disability who has the full use of only one arm may apply for a modified bow permit. This permit allows modifications to a compound bow, including the addition of an overdraw lock device allowing the bow to be held and shot with one arm. This modification may not convert a compound bow into a crossbow. For more information, go to Using Laser Sights Legally blind hunters may use laser sighting devices to take game, subject to all other regulations, with a firearm or crossbow if all the following conditions are met. * The person is accompanied by a sighted person who is at least 18 years of age and possesses proof of a current or previous hunting license (other than an apprentice license) or proof of successful completion of a hunter safety class; * The legally blind person possesses the appropriate hunting license and proof of impairment in the form of a Secretary of State ID card. No permit is necessary for this accommodation. Hunters with other permanent disabilities may apply to the DNR Law Enforcement Division for a permit to use a laser sighting device with a firearm or crossbow to take game. Subject to all other regulations, a permittee may take game with use of a laser sighting device only if accompanied by a person who is at least 18 years of age who is licenses to hunt the same game (other than an apprentice license). For application information, please call 517-373-1230. Related Content · Hunting on Game Bird Preserves for People with Disabilities · · Where Can I Hunt?,1607,7-153-10363_10913—,00.html · State Game Areas with Universally Accessible Features,4570,7-153-10366_41825_51108-56750–,00.html · Laser Sighting Devices for Hunters with Disabilities,4570,7-153-10366_41825_51108-31956–,00.html Resident Veterans with Disabilities *IV. recreation guides 1. CSB recreation guide – CAPVI.ORG Recreation Opportunity Directory For people who are blind and visually impaired in California compiled by the California School for the Blind in 2010 This directory is divided into sections according to activity to make it easier to access. Here you will find: Agencies that offer recreational activities for people who are blind or visually impaired sources for Arts and Crafts activities adapted Board Games both day Camps and residential Camps that are designed for people who are blind or visually impaired Competitive Sports for aspiring athletes who are blind and visually impaired, adapted Entertainment resources Museums in California that have specific accessibility for visitors who are blind or visually impaired resources for Music lessons and events opportunities for Physical Activities, such as swimming, kayaking and archery, Reading Options places where you can purchase adapted Sporting Goods. You may discover that a favorite agency, activity or event that you know of is missing from the directory. If so, please let us know so that we can include it in future editions. Coordinator, Low Vision Services California School for the Blind, Fremont CA 94536 2. Recreation Opportunities for Wounded Warriors and Families Also be sure to visit this LINK which lists additional opportunities to include: baseball, cycling, golf, horses, hunting and fishing, ice hockey, kayak fishing, kayaking, outdoor opportunities, sailing, cruising, diving, scuba, sports, surfing and more. Adaptive Adventures The mission of Adaptive Adventures is to provide progressive outdoor sports opportunities to improve quality of life for children, adults and veterans with physical disabilities and their families. Alaska Healing Hearts Alaska’s Healing Hearts year round nationwide outdoor programs include hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreational programs for our nations brave wounded warriors, these activities are termed “social reintegration” by therapists. They are not just the clinical rehabilitation programs which injured military personnel usually participate in; they also provide disabled Veterans with hope that they can live active and productive lives. Based on our own experiences these programs help bolster confidence and self esteem, while serving as a venue for them to assimilate with the public. American Wanderer Summer Camp – RV Camp for Kids The next generation of a traditional summer camp for boys and girls ages 11-17. Our Cabins roll and our Camp moves. Our Campers and Guides explore some of the most magnificent parks in the world – all right here in America. We offer 4 distinct 2 week sessions exploring over 34 Parks in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. Scholarships – Children of Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, Retired and Former Service members are all eligible to apply. Children of Wounded Warriors must annotate their applications as such due to multiple categories of funding sources. National Guard, Military Reserve and Wounded Warriors should also see for additional funding. BAADS Veteran Sunday Sailing Program (San Francisco, CA) The Veterans Sunday Sailing Program with the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS) provides veterans the opportunity to sail in Access 303 and Access Liberty boats with other veterans every Sunday. BAADS is offering this program to ALL veterans, not just disabled. This is intended as a thank you for service. Feel free to come this week and each week following with no obligations besides RSVP’ing to keep accurate count of our resources. Blum’s Landing (Millersburg, MI) Blum’s Landing is a place for military personnel who have endured physical and/or mental wounds from serving the country. We are a non-profit bed and breakfast for military personnel and their families to relax, to recoup, and to re-energize from the stress of their current rehab and duties. Boulder Crest Retreat for Wounded Warriors (Bluemont, VA) Boulder Crest Retreat intends to offer the following facilities and services to wounded warriors and their families who come to rest and heal: · ADA handicap accessible “greentech” cabins, available for 2-7 days for approx. 250-500 families per annum. · An ADA handicap accessible “greentech” barn/meeting house with organic farm-to-table meals. · A walled organic Victorian garden, plus a field of organic produce. · A bird sanctuary and fishing pond. · Nature walks, foraging, photography, bird and wildlife watching, as well as therapeutic dogs, archery and other onsite adaptive sporting activities. · Off-site activities including swimming, canoeing, kayaking, tubing and fishing in the Shenandoah River; hiking the Appalachian Trail; trail rides; biking; antiquing; winery tours; golf; tennis; a therapeutic horse farm; and a country farm and petting farm. Camp C.O.P.E. Our camp is designed to help our young heroes to better cope with the effects of war, deployments and the sacrifices they are asked to make every day. Children of deployed and injured service members are more likely to struggle emotionally. Some common reactions observed in children in these circumstances include, but are not limited to: depression, anxiety, withdrawal, anger, hyper-vigilance and somatic illness. At Camp C.O.P.E. children are provided age-appropriate therapeutic interventions in small groups of their peers, who have had similar experiences. The interventions are both direct and indirect, according to their comfort level, and are tailored to help them cope better emotionally. Camp Corral Camp Corral is an amazing week of non-stop fun and excitement in the great outdoors for children (ages 8 to 15) of our military heroes. It’s for the children of brave soldiers who have been injured or fallen protecting our freedom, our way of life. Camp Corral is a wonderful chance for kids to share amazing adventures through boating, swimming, hiking, archery and doing just about everything you can do enjoying fresh air and nature. Camp Corral kids tell us they have made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime! The folks at Golden Corral restaurants are proud to continue their tradition of supporting our veterans and military families by making Camp Corral possible. Golden Corral wanted to find a way to support the families of disabled veterans and those injured in the line of duty and Camp Corral was the perfect opportunity. Camp Hope (Farmington, MO) Camp Hope is dedicated to honoring the fallen by helping the wounded. Created by Gold Star parents, William “Mike” and Galia White, the 170-acre farm located 70 miles southeast of Lambert-St. Louis Airport in Missouri, was created to honor the memory of their son. Pfc Christopher Neal White, a 23-year-old Marine, was tragically killed in action in Al Anbar, Iraq on June 20, 2006. Camp Hope provides FREE outdoor adventures to combat wounded veterans of the War on Terror and active-duty combat-wounded Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors. The mission of Camp Hope is to allow wounded warriors the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities with dignity – to not think about what they “can’t” do, only to think what they want to do. Soldiers can shoot skeet, hunt turkey and deer, fish, hike, explore the country, or relax around the ever-burning firepit. Camp Patriot (Libby, MT) Camp Patriot empowers disabled U.S. veterans through Christian values and relationships created by way of our unique outdoor programs. Our programs challenge veterans to learn new ways to overcome their wounds in order to accomplish amazing goals. These challenges represent a crucible of change that proves to each participant that they can overcome any obstacle. Camp Patriot Alumni have gone on to become great leaders in their communities. Today there are over 2.3 million disabled veterans in the U.S. and the number grows each day as the war on terror continues. These brave veterans have made great sacrifices in order to ensure our safety and freedom. All of these veterans had dreams about the future, many felt that their dreams were lost due to injuries suffered in the line of duty. We thank veterans by showing them that with the right relationships and support they can accomplish anything. Champion Kids Camp (Houston, TX) Champions Kids Camp is dedicated to the nurturing of children who have survived a traumatic injury, illness, or personal loss, such as the loss of a parent or sibling. This also includes separation from a parent who is serving abroad in the military or who have now returned home. Through a week-long camp, children between the ages of 8 and 12 are able to heal from the “emotional scarring” they have experienced in their young lives. Camp consists of music, art, sports, recreation and special guests. Children are nurtured physically, mentally and emotionally. We teach them at camp that they are over-comers. Camp is free of charge to those who are accepted; we do fill up by our deadline so apply soon. Chappy’s Outdoors The mission of Chappy’s Outdoors is to conduct hunting and fishing trips for our nation’s wounded veterans by providing training, equipment and excursions across America in order to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual healing by sharing in God’s natural creation and faithfully proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ through word and deed. We have connected land owners, ranchers, outdoor guides and organizations, charter/ commercial fishermen, and professional fishermen with wounded veterans to provide a chance to enjoy hunting and fishing opportunities. We have edited and recorded these trips in order to allow our veterans to commemorate their trip forever…recent upgrades allow us to now record in HD quality with wireless microphones on vets. Disabled Veterans Rest Camp (Washington County, MN) The Disabled Veterans Rest Camp provides facilities and opportunities for recreation, rest, and well being for all women and men who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces of the United States, along with their families. The campground is open to all military personnel in good standing: Active duty, Reservists/Guard, veterans, disabled, retirees, families and friends. Divide Camp (Oregon) Divide Camp honors the service of our combat veterans by giving back through outdoor adventures including hunting, fishing and other sporting and recreational activities. We seek to aid healing and build hope for our service members wounded in action. Eagle Summit Ranch (Roever Foundation) Conducts motivational retreats and seminars for wounded warriors in wilderness setting. English River Outfitters (Washington County, IA, adjacent Sockum Ridge) English River Outfitters, is a non-profit charitable organization. We offer our veterans a variety of activities were we help our veterans adjust after a deployment. We provide a peer on peer approach (Veterans Helping Veterans). We were established in 2008 to enrich the lives of all of America’s returning war veterans. The average stay for a recovering veteran at a Recovery Medical Center is two years. That is a long time to be bedridden or confined to a hospital facility, especially for the athletic, adventurous, and outgoing individuals, such as those who serve in the military. We are helping veterans by getting them outside with nature. English River Outfitters (ERO) honor’s all of our veterans, past, present and future; with our priorities on our veteran’s with physical disabilities as well as invisible injuries. ERO provides programs through a Life Skills Program and Peer on Peer Mentorship that helps foster a healthy readjustment back to civilian life through a positive outdoor experience, fishing, hunting, hiking and a campfire. ERO provides the family a place where they can reintegrate after a separation and the soldier can realize their strengths and their independence. Fly Fishing for Vets Fly-Fishing for Vets has joined with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing a non-profit organization created to provide wounded warriors and their families with a bit of relief from the many stressful aspects of recovering from an injury or being permanently disabled. For the vets, the foundation teaches the basics of fly fishing to include fly tying, casting, and rod building. We offer one or two-day trips with guided fly-fishing instruction and excursions as a means to get away from it all. The trips are therapeutic, in that they can restore confidence, feelings of independence and self- esteem for the wounded warrior. Trip options include the lakes at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Ga, the “Hooch” in Atlanta, the Toccoa River and any other locations the Wounded Warrior feels comfortable fishing. Spouses and children of the veterans are also provided with activities to help them relax, enjoy themselves and get away from the hectic pace often associated with recovery and being at times the main caregiver. Naturally, if spouses and older children would like to fish too, they are more than welcome to. Freedom Hunters Saluting the noble work of our courageous men and women of the Armed Forces is our mission. Freedom Hunters reflects the outdoor community’s appreciation to the troops by taking select active duty and combat veterans on outdoor adventures. With help from conservation groups, outfitters, corporations, state agencies and land owners, Freedom Hunters will honor individuals from all branches of the military. It is with immense pride and enthusiasm that Freedom Hunters will carry on the American tradition of hunting and fishing with active military personnel across the United States. We are proud to show our gratitude to Purple Heart recipients. Many may not have the same physical abilities as when they joined the service, but heart and determination is something that still drives these men forward. Hearts of Valor Retreats Those close to service members are all too familiar with both the invisible and visible wounds that come with war. With those injuries come a host of circumstances that may feel unbearable. At our Hearts of ValorTM Retreats, you don’t have to feel that burden alone. At the HOV retreats, you will be able to share your story with other people that have found themselves in similar situations as you and learn how to cope in your role as a caregiver, learn more about: · Invisible wounds such as PTSD and TBI · How to cope with your role as a caregiver · Deep relaxation techniques · Solutions unique to your needs The retreats are within driving distance and are of no cost to you. The registration fees, meals, and hotel room are all free. Helping Hands for Wounded Veterans (Latrobe, PA) Helping Hands for Wounded Veterans was approved in December 2007 by the IRS as a non-profit. The purpose of the organization is to give disabled soldiers that have sacrificed so much to keep our country free a chance to enjoy the sport of hunting and fishing once again. Hence, the program called “All-American Dream Hunts” was established by the non-profit. Heroes on the Water Heroes on the Water helps wounded warriors relax, rehabilitate, and reintegrate through kayak fishing and the outdoors. For thousands of wounded warriors, kayak fishing has become a powerful and liberating source of rehabilitation. It shatters the perceived limits of their injuries and creates an openness to interact, learn new skills, and focus on the bright future ahead. We offer injured military personnel and veterans an outdoor recreational experience where they are taught kayaking and kayak fishing basics and participate in kayak fishing excursions – a new sport despite their injuries that provides camaraderie and a lifetime of enjoyment that they can do with family and friends. As a national organization based in Allen, TX, we have chapters across the country led by volunteers that take wounded veterans out kayak fishing on an ongoing basis, at no cost to them or their families. Higher Ground Sun Valley (Ketchum, ID) Higher Ground Military uses therapeutic recreation to facilitate a change in perspective, giving injured service members the physical skills, confidence, and coping strategies necessary for a successful reintegration into their families and home communities. Higher Ground is recognized as one of the premier rehabilitation programs in the country by the Department of Defense, military medical centers, and veteran service organizations. We serve military personnel and veterans with Traumatice Brain Injuries (TBIs), Post Traumatic Stress Discorder (PTSD) and other polytrauma. Higher Ground hosts eight week-long sports camps annually, each completely free of charge to veterans and their supporters. Our camps serve 8-10 participants and are designed for specific populations—couples, men, and women. We create an intimate atmosphere where participants connect and share struggles related to battle trauma and injuries, while supporters share challenges about health care, parenting, and their role as caregivers. Our highly trained staff of certified recreational therapists strategically implements activities that highlight individual abilities, leading to an overall improvement in quality of life. Higher Ground commits to three years of follow-up care for each participant, helping to connect participants to their local resources and dedicating a reintegration budget for each participant to help them achieve their individual goals. Hunts for Healing Foundation The Hunts for Healing Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the emotion, physical and spiritual healing of wounded warriors. Our purpose in creating this fund is to establish ongoing opportunities for our wounded veterans to experience authentic upland hunting in the beautiful Endless Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. Our mission is to create an atmosphere that promotes challenge in the outdoors and healing from within. We offer clay bird shooting, hunting safety, and the experience and excitement of pheasant hunting with guides, mentors and dogs. This experience aides in their physical, emotional and spiritual recovery, as well as, providing social interaction that allows the warriors to transition back into their daily lives. Hunters for Warriors (Warriors for Freedom Foundation) Every year in November, Warriors for Freedom Foundation hosts a Quail Hunt near El Reno, OK for service men and women. Guns, ammo, safety equipment for eyes and ears, transportation in the field (if needed), food and a great time is provided for both our local hunters and our local heroes! Hunters Helping Soldiers The mission of Hunters Helping Soldiers is simple…to assist our U.S. veterans (combat and combat wounded) by providing high quality hunting and fishing experiences in the great outdoors. This serves two purposes…as a means of rehabilitation and also as a way of showing our sincere thanks for all they have done for us. As you will see, Hunters Helping Soldiers is diverse through our various programs. Both nationally and locally through our many chapters, HHS serves the outdoor community as well as our Veterans. Furthermore, in order to maintain and continue our hunting heritage, HHS also has an “Open” children’s program called “Camo Kids.” LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve (Oswayo, PA) LEEK Hunting, and Mountain Preserve is dedicated to providing outdoor experiences to our disabled veterans through hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation activities. LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve offers disabled veterans opportunities to participate in outdoor recreational activities in a completely accessible and supportive environment. Hunting and fishing facilities located on this 140-acre property are designed for wheelchair and vehicle access. Lodging and trail vehicles provide our veterans maximum comfort and enjoyment. During their stay, visitors of LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve are pampered with home-cooked meals and partnered with experienced local outdoorsmen, many of whom are also veterans. Located in scenic north central Pennsylvania, LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve is part of a community that recognizes and values the sacrifices of our disabled service members. Lima Foxtrot Programs for Injured Military (Birmingham, AL) “Lima Foxtrot” is the brand name adopted by Lakeshore to describe what has become one of this country’s premier, comprehensive, year round, sport, fitness, and recreation programs for severely injured members of our Armed Forces who were injured post 9/11. Initiated in 2006 in response to the significant numbers of injuries from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Lima Foxtrot has served over 1,800 injured servicemen and women and their families, from thirty-six states and territories. Through Lima Foxtrot these young men and women use lessons from sport and recreation to learn how to pursue life after injury. Mount Olivet Rolling Acres (Victoria, MN) Mt. Olivet Vacations for Wounded Warriors ~ Mount Olivet Rolling Acres is honoring wounded Servicemembers by reserving blocks of time at their McGregor cabins in northern Minnesota for their free use. Moonlight Fund (Bandera, TX) Retreats for burn survivors and their spouses – Our spring and fall retreats are held at Bridlegate Ranch in Beautiful Bandera, nestled in the Texas Hill Country. Offering an opportunity for those with recent injuries to spend the weekend with fellow long term survivors. The retreat provides educational information regarding ongoing care, emotional support to the patient and their caregiver, including guest speakers who have overcome their accidents and have gone on to lead productive lives. The weekend is low key, and a relaxed get away from the medical world. The retreat is open to all who have suffered a burn injury, or an amputation due to a burn or blast accident. Operation Black Hills Cabin (Custer, SD) Founded in 2011 by a retired military couple, Operation Black Hills Cabin is located just outside of Custer, SD, in the beautiful Black Hills. Its purpose is to offer a week’s vacation to qualifying wounded veterans and their families, from the Iraq/Afghanistan campaign, at little or no expense to them, with the exception of transportation. It is to provide a therapeutic environment in assisting qualifying veterans who were combat injured in their rehabilitation from their traumatic and stressful experiences, while serving the interest of our nation. And also to provide a constructive opportunity to the disabled veterans to reacquaint themselves with their family in a quiet and leisurely environment. Operation Down Home (Birmingham, AL) Operation Down Home is designed to introduce severely injured military personnel and their families to recreational sports opportunities. This camp is open to servicemen and women, and their family members, who have been severely injured in recent conflicts and have suffered an injury such as spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, amputation or visual impairment. There is no cost to military personnel with severe service-related injuries and up to three family members. The weekend includes all meals, lodging, air and ground transportation, and all sports and recreation activities. Operation Endurance (Birmingham, AL) Operation Endurance enables local servicemen and women who have sustained a severe injury during active duty ongoing access to Lakeshore’s membership programs at no cost. This Lima Foxtrot program is available for all injured who have sustained a service-related injury, regardless of when they served. Operation Heal Our Patriots ? Operation Heal Our Patriots, a ministry project of Samaritan’s Purse, focuses on bringing spiritual refreshment, physical renewal, and marriage enrichment to wounded and injured U.S. military service members and their spouses. To thank these brave men and women for their service and sacrifice, we offer programs uniquely developed to strengthen the marriage relationship and build hope for the future through the transforming power of God’s Word. Samaritan Lodge Alaska stands peacefully within the great wilderness of America’s last frontier. It is here, among mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, and wildlife that we minister to the needs of America’s own victims of war. Military service members and their spouses have the opportunity to stay for one week, including travel time. Each day, our on-site staff chaplain leads devotions and our Marriage Resiliency Workshop. This weeklong course offers couples time away from daily pressures and distractions to study the primary dynamics that have the greatest impact on a marriage. The workshop concludes with a worship service, which affirms and celebrates couples’ relationship with God and one another, amid the marvels of His creation. Operation Injured Soldiers The goal of Operation Injured Soldiers is to help our wounded heroes get back to doing the sports and hobbies they enjoyed before being deployed. The funds we raise provide hunting, fishing, and camping trips, along with many other outdoor recreational activities, to our disabled heroes to help with their physical and mental rehabilitation. Through corporate sponsorships and individual donations, these trips are provided at no cost to our injured heroes. Operation Night Vision (Birmingham, AL) Operation Night Vision brings sport and recreation to servicemen and women who have suffered significant eye injuries or blindness while recently serving our country. Activities will include water skiing, rock climbing, paddling lessons for canoeing and kayaking, cycling, track & field, judo, goalball and scuba diving. Operation Night Vision will be held at the Lakeshore Foundation facility and at locations around the greater Birmingham community. There is no cost to military personnel with severe service-related injuries and one guest. The weekend includes all meals, lodging, air and ground transportation, and all sports and recreation activities. Operation Proper Exit For those wounded warriors who are thriving in recovery and are capable of returning to theater, this program itinerary stages a meet-and-greet tour to forward operating bases with a group of recovered soldiers. Four specific objectives have been identified: · The sense of brotherhood inherent in today’s military leaves a number of injured soldiers with the desire to return to theater after injury. By having a chance to visit, not only is their desire addressed but they can bring stories from home to deployed troops when they arrive. · Soldiers who have witnessed the injuring of a battle buddy are often times left wondering how the situation turned out both short and long term. Upon the return of fully recovered soldiers, the minds of deployed troops are put to ease when they witness the results firsthand and hear about the journey and outstanding care being afforded to our wounded warriors. · The wounded warriors will have a most important as well as unique opportunity to see the progress in Iraq that they, through their tremendous sacrifice, helped bring about. · For troops that have been injured in battle, this initiative provides them the opportunity to make a “proper exit” on their own terms as they walk to the aircraft and climb the ramp rather than being medically evacuated. This component has a positively resounding effect in offering closure to that chapter of their lives. Operation Purple Healing Adventures (NMFA) Due to the popularity of our Operation Purple Family Retreat program, we’ve tailored a special retreat program that is designed to support wounded service members and their families. The Operation Purple Healing Adventures program celebrates rediscovering family-fun and togetherness after an injury. We combine family-focused activities with outdoor exploration to encourage each family’s growth. Specially adapted communication activities developed by FOCUS (Families OverComing Under Stress™), ensure families return home stronger. Families are able to enjoy a ‘purple’ environment that brings families from all ranks and services, to include National Guard and Reserve components, together. We are climbing, hiking, canoeing, bonding, eating s’mores, and more! Operation Rise and Conquer (Lake Martin, AL) Operation Rise & Conquer is an extended outdoor adventure weekend that involves service members and their families in a variety of challenging activities that include team and individual competitive sports, water skiing, scuba diving, canoeing and kayaking, ropes course and zip line, bass fishing and shooting sports. This camp is open to men and women who have been severely injured in the global war on terror and have suffered an injury such as spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, amputation or visual impairment. There is no cost to military personnel with severe service related injuries and one guest. The weekend includes all meals, lodging, air and ground transportation, and all sports and recreation activities. Operation Seas the Day (Bethany Beach, DE) – September 2-7, 2014 Our mission is to organize and facilitate a “beach week” event for our wounded soldiers and their families as a means of showing appreciation for their service and sacrifice. it is our hope that such a community based gesture of support will be comforting and help ease their transition back into civilian life.” We are working with the USO Metropolitan Washington to select 25 wounded veterans who are currently recovering from injuries, both visible and non-visible, sustained while serving our country, and their families who would be interested in vacationing to Bethany Beach, Delaware from September 2-7. Outdoor Adventures Program (Hope for the Warriors) Hope For The Warriors® Outdoor Adventures Program provides adaptive opportunities for wounded heroes to participate in sporting activities in the great outdoors. Service members, who previously embraced an outdoorsman lifestyle, as well as those new to wilderness sports, are introduced to recreational opportunities on the road to recovery. Hope For The Warriors® created the Outdoor Adventures Program in 2010 to provide adaptive opportunities for wounded heroes to participate in sporting activities in the great outdoors. In 2012, the organization recognized the therapeutic benefits for the family members and expanded the program to include spouses and children of wounded and fallen service members. Patriots and Heroes Outdoors Patriots and Heroes Outdoors (formerly Hunts for Heroes) · will promote morale by providing hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreational activities with a primary focus on military with service-related injuries and their families. Description: Description: · will help to accommodate the needs of service families by networking with other like-minded organizations and individuals. · ?will offer educational support to service families by pursuing grants, endowments, scholarships, and other financial contributions. · will help with the emotional needs of service families in whatever way possible through our professional contacts and personal relationships. Patriot Warrior Foundation (Weatherford, TX) The Patriot Warrior Foundation is a non-profit organization which provides morale boosting events for America’s wounded and injured veterans and their families. The Patriot Warrior Foundation honors those who served by organizing outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, and target shooting events. The PWF provides all food and lodging for these events to participating military personnel and their families. Purple Heart Anglers (California) Purple Heart Anglers is committed to providing safe, fun, hunting, fishing and other outdoor opportunities to disabled Veterans. The Purple Heart Anglers have one purpose, to serve the needs of the community and by serving those needs produce a program that aids in the healing of the wounded warriors of the United States military and their families. It is our intention that their service and performance of their commitment be honored for what it is; placing the wellbeing and security of this nation before themselves, even their own lives. It is truly beyond words and is deserving of all that we can give in return. We are connecting individuals, private companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies so there is a community in place to serve the past, present and future wounded warriors. It is our goal they have mental, emotional and physical access to the community they served and are honored for their commitment and service to our country. We are producing safe, fun outdoor experiences. There are numerous events planned in California at this time. Reel American Heroes The Reel American Heroes Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides recreational therapy for wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and disabled Veterans as well as active duty servicemen and servicewomen. Our organization works with military bases and military hospitals to host bass fishing tournaments throughout the year. We provide each service member with an event t-shirt, free fishing equipment and tackle, that they get to keep to further pursue fishing as a recreational outlet. All service members are paired up with volunteer anglers and taken out to fish an actual bass tournament. During the day, games, food, drinks and entertainment are all provided free of charge from launch to weigh-in. After the weigh-in trophies and prizes are awarded to the top five teams. Reel Thanx (Midland, TX) Reel Thanx was created in 2007 to honor and show thanks and support to service members who have been injured in the line of duty. Through the combined efforts of nationally recognized sponsors and generous private and corporate donors, Reel Thanx is able to give back to the heroes of “Operation Enduring Freedom” and “Operation Iraqi Freedom” by taking these selfless individuals on an amazing fishing getaway. Reel Wives (Midland, TX) Reel Wives is an expansion of the Reel Thanx program which reaches out to the wives and children of the men that come into the Reel Thanx program. We believe these wives are true heroes too. Reel Wives began in 2010 as a way to reach out to the Reel Thanx soldier’s wife and family. While he was away for the weekend on his fishing trip, Reel Wives would send a gift basket loaded with goodies to his wife back home. Those involved with Reel Wives dreamed of the day that enough support could be generated to bring those women in for their own weekend retreat. With the gracious help and support from the great people of West Texas and surrounding areas, those who were already involved and those who began to hear about Reel Wives helped make that dream a reality. In October 2011, Reel Wives brought their first group of wives in for an all expense paid weekend of pampering and fun. We also strive to provide them with love and nurturing, and emotional support as we share their laughter and their tears. We recognize that it is not only their husbands who are wounded by the effects of war. It takes time for wounds to heal, especially those that can’t be seen on the outside. We want these wives to have a weekend where they can focus just on themselves; a little down time that they rarely get at home. Along with their husbands, they have sacrificed much for our country and this is our way of trying to give a little back to them. Rivers of Recovery (Jackson, WY) Rivers of Recovery is dedicated to providing rehabilitation to physically and psychologically injured combat veterans through innovative, outdoor-based therapies and pioneering research. We strive to provide our participants with therapeutic programs which result in measurable and sustainable improvement. Our programs are designed to re-enable and re-energize participants and provide the support and self-confidence necessary to maximize long-term recovery. Road to Recovery Conference (Salute America’s Heroes) The Road to Recovery (R2R) Conference and Tribute is a four-day educational and motivational event for wounded veterans and their families designed to prepare them for the challenges in their lives that lie ahead. This all-expense paid event features seminars, workshops, and panel discussions with experts from government, the private sector and other veterans service organizations providing advice and guidance on topics such as career counseling, housing, VA benefits, healthcare and personal development. Salmon for Soldiers The Outdoor Line on 710 ESPN Seattle and the Take a Warrior Fishing foundation are presenting the 1st Annual “Salmon for Soldiers” fishing event in Everett, Washington on Saturday, August 10th, 2013. What better way to say THANK YOU to our young wounded veterans than to spend a great day fishing with them on the Puget Sound. Salute America’s Heroes Disabled American veterans of the War on Terror must struggle every day to overcome life-changing sacrifices such as the loss of a limb, significant burns, and the reality of being in a wheel chair. The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes was created to provide a way for individuals, corporations and others to support our troops by helping severely wounded and disabled Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans and their families rebuild their lives. The mission of The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes is to help the people who have given so much on our behalf overcome these obstacles and resume a productive and fulfilling life through programs targeted to their specific needs. One of their programs: Road to Recovery Conference – An all-expense paid educational and service event for wounded heroes and their families Show of Support, Military Hunt, Inc. (Midland, TX) The purpose of Show of Support is to demonstrate public support for the men and women of our military by providing outdoor opportunities to those injured in service to our country. Started by Terry Johnson in 2004, the program also seeks to bring public awareness to the outdoor sports of hunting and fishing, respect for our resources and the care and preservation of those assets in addition to simply saying thanks. In an effort to show support to the men and women of our military forces a reception is held. Each year, U.S. Service Men and Women from different branches of our armed forces will be honored for their service to this country. The banquet will be held prior to their departure to participate in an all expense paid whitetail deer hunt. This is our way of saying “Thanks” West Texas style! Men and women from any branch of service who were injured and are discharged or will be discharged prior the scheduled hunt, are eligible for consideration to participate in the outdoor adventures that we offer. These individuals have selflessly given their service to our nation to guarantee our safety and to protect our freedoms. There is not a more noble cause than what these individuals have taken upon themselves to do. Their sense of honor, dignity, pride and sacrifice is what allows us to live in a nation that others clamor to our borders to be a part of. They have volunteered to put their lives on the line for their beliefs, a free America. Free from the threat of a segment of those who would want to see us living in fear. This mighty nation will and is standing up to this terror threat thanks to these individuals. Skills 4 Life (Military Warriors Support Foundation) Military Warriors Support Foundation (MWSF) provides recreational outings and family mentoring in the Skills 4 Life program with hunting, fishing, golf, sporting events, family outings & vacations. The goal is to provide combat wounded military and their families with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and thank them for their service with these opportunities. We want our wounded heroes enjoying the activities they did before their injuries. Sling & Stone Outfitters (Glenmont, OH) Sling & Stone Outfitters is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping disabled veterans experience the outdoors. They help provide hunting gear, fishing tackle, and other equipment to disabled vets. Additionally they assist them in acquiring guided hunts and fishing trips. Special Operations Bayside (Solomon’s Island, MD) Bayside Operations was created in 2012 as a non-profit organization located on the waterfront on Solomon’s Island, Maryland. It is a safe place for wounded warriors from the military, other federal agencies, and first responders to get away from the chaos of everyday life. Sportsmen’s Foundation for Military Families (Lorida, FL) The Sportsmen’s Foundation helps our military veterans, many of them disabled, improve their stress coping skills, and regain the confidence necessary to live full productive successful lives. Veterans are invited to participate in outdoor and hunting activities, activities proven to be extremely therapeutic, beneficial, and long lasting. The Sportsmen’s Foundation for Military Families (SFMF), a charitable organization, is established to provide combat veterans a chance to participate in the hunting sports. Any combat veteran of the United States Armed Forces, or an immediate family member of a veteran killed in combat, is eligible to apply. Our hunts have proven to be extremely therapeutic to those in need. However, participation is not limited to those who have been wounded in battle or are suffering, any combat veteran may apply. All hunts are professionally guided. It is our way of saying thank you for your service. Tails-A-Waggin’ Acres Hunting Preserve – Annual Free Pheasant Hunt (Marion, MI) – Last weekend in September This is an annual, free Disabled Veterans Hunt which takes place at the Tails-A-Waggin’ Acres Hunting Preserve. Take a Soldier Fishing We assist communities at large, by offering them the ability to show their support for the troops by sponsoring our Take A Soldier Fishing program. This allows service members to see just how much they are appreciated. For those that serve to support our fishing program, it gives the individual the ability to see how their support makes a profound difference in a service member or veterans life by providing a safe and positive outdoor experience. We strive to show that there are people out there that care, and want to help. By providing these events, we have found they give the soldiers something to look forward to. We have also found that soldiers have also changed their outlook on life – the way they feel about wearing their uniform and a new sense of hope. Take a Warrior Fishing (Cast for Kids) The Take a Warrior Fishing program was established in 2011 and events are designed to support military personnel and their families, specifically targeting persons assigned to Warrior Transition Commands, by creating an adaptive, community-based outdoor recreation experience through the sport of fishing. Numerous studies have shown that traumatic events not only affect the psychological structures of the self, but also the attachment and meaning that link individuals and community. This program seeks to restore those disconnects. Each event will have the capacity to accommodate up to 150 families and brings in numerous community partners. The Link Up A non-profit organization connecting injured veterans with various donors willing to offer assistance participating in outdoor activities. Our mission is to empower a Warrior-in-Transition with self-reliance to choose and enjoy the outdoor sport of their interest. Our vision is to create a network which links veterans wounded in action or while serving our country with hunting and fishing partners and opportunities through an online community. · That all wounded warriors become self-sufficient to enjoy hunting and fishing through a network of outdoor enthusiasts willing to share their time and/or resources. · To build on the camaraderie that service members enjoy by creating a ‘net’ for wounded veterans to connect with other patriotic persons: retired, former military, active/reserve soldiers, or the dedicated citizen. The Welcome Home Initiative Retreat A free 3-5 day retreat for members of the Armed Forces and their families · Talks by veterans and trauma specialists · Discussion groups · Opportunities for reflection and healing prayer · 600 beautiful acres for recreation and relaxation · Handicapped-accessible facilities · Optional marriage and family counseling Our goal is to minister practically and prayerfully to members of the Armed Forces and their families, providing support and resources to help them heal and thrive. Our mission: To show our appreciation for the men, women, and families serving in the Armed Forces. To help those who have suffered trauma in combat, be it physical, psychological, or spiritual, by providing ministry and resources for health and healing. To preserve the confidentiality of every person. To connect combat veterans with appropriate specialist agencies and resources including: · Combat stress and trauma experts · Critical incident debrief specialists · Marriage and family life counselors · Suicide prevention counselors · Prayer teams Tight Lines for Troops (Manistee, MI) – May 16-17, 2014 5th Annual Tight Lines for Troops Charity Fishing Tournament for Michigan’s Veterans. This free event helps disabled veterans have fun, and thanks them for their outstanding service to our country. Trinity Oaks (San Antonio, TX) Our organization provides hunting, fishing, and outdoor experiences to our nation’s war heroes. For our heroes, our valiant men and women who have served in the military, Trinity Oaks hosts an experience of a lifetime! The events are just as much about the hunting and fishing as it is about showing our humble appreciation and immense respect for these brave men and women. Through adaptive methods, such as Trinity Oaks’ Action Trackchair (a customized, all-terrain wheelchair on tracks), veterans can move beyond physical limitations to enjoy hunting and fishing with increased mobility and independence. Trinity Oaks understands that not all injuries are physical and often host veterans who are dealing with PTSD and other mental traumas. For most warriors, simply being outdoors and participating in the great sports of hunting and fishing is the best form of therapy. At the end of each trip the harvested fish and game is processed and given to the participants or distributed to others who are in need of a nutritious meal. Vacations for Veterans Vacations For Veterans is a nonprofit organization created to provide recently wounded veterans of the United States Armed Forces with a week of free lodgings donated by a vacation homeowner. Each wounded veteran faces new challenges: readjusting, rebuilding their lives, and reconnecting with their families. For many of our wounded veterans, time away to rejuvenate is a luxury that is often unattainable and unaffordable. When you make a donation of time at your vacation home, or a donation of money to sponsor a veteran, you give our wounded veterans a brief respite when they need it most. You make entire families feel better through your generosity. Vail Veterans Program (Vail, CO) Since 2004, the Vail Veterans Program has been transforming military injured and their families through individualized world-class outdoor programs building confidence and life-long relationships. Through rehabilitative sports and recreation activities the Vail Veterans Program is helping to build confidence and give hope for the future. Veterans Outdoor World Inc. Whether you are a disabled veteran, non-disabled veteran, or a non-veteran who loves the outdoors and is willing to help our disabled veterans enjoy the outdoors, we want to welcome you to the organization. Our goal is to help as many disabled veterans, who love hunting and fishing, continue to enjoy their love for the outdoors as much as possible. Keeping in mind, not all disabilities are physical. To accomplish this, we hope to make personal connections between our veterans and volunteers to allow as many opportunities as possible to stay active in their desired activity. Walleyes for Warriors (Bay City, MI) – June 14-15, 2014 Honoring and thanking Michigan veterans for their service with an enjoyable day on Saginaw Bay. ?Walleyes for Warriors is an organization, working with Operation Injured Soldiers, conducting the 3rd annual Walleyes for Warriors fishing tournament free to all veterans and active duty service members. As a sincere thank you for sacrificing to serve our country, we would like to welcome you to the 3rd annual Walleyes for Warriors veterans charity recreational event. It is our pleasure to spend the day fishing with you to learning the names and faces of the individuals who have protected our country and provided us with safety and freedom. Again, ALL veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces are encouraged to participate, especially those who served in overseas conflicts, have service-connected disabilities, Purple Hearts, or were POWs. We expect to have an excellent turnout again! Warrior Beach Retreat (Panama City Beach, FL) – April and Sept. 2014 There are so many heroes in this great nation and so many families we can encourage. Our vision is to bring wounded warriors and their spouse or caregiver to Panama City Beach for an extended weekend of rest and relaxation. This retreat will be a time that can give them hope to carry on … a feeling that their sacrifice was not in vain… and a knowing that we as a nation are truly grateful for their service and sacrifice. Our desire is for the Bay County to be a role model for the nation. Our community has donated condos/ hotel rooms, restaurant meals, gift baskets, fishing trips, movies, tours, attraction tickets, car rentals, money and much more to show honor and appreciation for the sacrifices these soldiers have made… for us. Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation (Bozeman, MT) Our mission is to provide traumatically injured U.S. servicemen and women from Iraq and Afghanistan with a high quality restorative program, utilizing the therapeutic experience of fly fishing on Montana waters. WQW brings wounded warriors to Montana for a six day program of fly fishing and recreation. Most warriors who come are still in rehab in the military hospital system. Once here, they have the opportunity to relax and to learn to fly fish in the quiet and beautiful surroundings of Montana and neighboring Yellowstone Park. Warrior Weekend The Warrior Weekend Program provides weekends of rest and relaxation for America’s Heroes who have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan and who are undergoing recovery at our Military Medical Centers. Our focuses is on small groups of between 8 to 12 personnel and provide them optional events to participate in at various destination cities. The idea behind the program is to take these heroes and their family members out of the hospital environment for a weekend. Wounded Warrior and Disabled Individuals Weekend Turkey Hunt (Stewartville, MN) This Wild Turkey Hunt retreat is for soldiers who have been wounded in combat. It is an inspiring weekend to give hope, encouragement, and the promise of a bright future. Wounded Warrior Anglers of America (9 chapters across the U.S.) The mission of Wounded Warrior Anglers of America, Inc. is to help rehabilitate the mind, body, and soul of all service members who have been injured, wounded or disabled in the line of duty no matter what their era of service. The mission is carried out by actively mentoring warriors while fishing. The fishing trips actively promote a friendly and peaceful environment and helps warriors heal by being around other veterans and caregivers who understand their mental & physical issues. We hope to bring inspiration and confidence to our wounded warrior anglers through teaching fishing techniques and the development of new friendships that can be sustained for a lifetime. Wounded Warrior Outdoors Wounded Warrior Outdoors, Inc. is a non-profit organization exclusively founded to provide wounded servicemen and women with therapeutic outdoor adventures across North America. WWO gives deserving active duty warriors in transition the opportunity of a lifetime in the wilderness location of their choice. We call them “Adventures Enabled.” Their adventure could take them bear hunting in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, on alligator hunts or fishing excursions in the Gulf Coast region of Florida or deer hunting in Texas. During their experience, they will participate in therapeutic activities such as backpacking, trail expeditions and numerous social interactions. Wounded Warrior Outdoors provides this all-inclusive adventure at absolutely no cost to the servicemen and women, their families or the government. Transportation, lodging, meals and documentation of the adventure is provided free of charge. It is because of this arrangement that Wounded Warrior Outdoors relies entirely on private donations. Administration, general offices and personnel services are donated. Fifty wounded, but active, members of the military are selected to participate each year. Our host facilities are of the highest quality and offer all the comforts of home. WWO also provides complete outfitting including gear, clothing and field transport. Even taxidermy services are provided at no charge. Most important to the program, active duty warriors in transition are provided with all the accessibility and equipment necessary to make it an adventure that is truly memorable and one in which they can participate fully. No matter the individual’s disability, our focus in on ability and making sure their adventure becomes the memory of a lifetime. All military branches have participated in our program and we have many relationships with military hospitals that help us facilitate our programs. Wounded Warriors Guide Service Wounded Warriors Guide Service is a cost free guide service founded by veterans for veterans. We provide waterfowl hunting opportunities for our vets that have been wounded serving our great nation. We are always preparing for the waterfowl season and decided that we want to share our great experiences with those who have sacrificed greatly for our country. Description: Description: Vacation, recreation opportunities, retreats and conferences for wounded warriors, disabled veterans and their families Description: Description: 3. Summer Outdoor Activities for Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired The following article has several pictures of blind or visually impaired children taking part ini several summer activities. Please do not be afraid to allow your child with a disability not to enjoy the excitement of activities because you are worried about their safety or the activity looks too dangerious. I am not suggesting to be really risky. But giving a child a chance to try out some activity can change their whole outlook about themselves and signficiantly enhance self-estem and/or self-confidence. impiTeaching Visit the link below to view children in action doing things their parients or care takers once thought were to dangerous to try. Pictures referenced after each activity can only be viewed at the link below. Summer Outdoor Activities for Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired by: Carmen Willings June 6 2014 As you begin to make your summer plans, you may wonder what summer enrichment activities would be appropriate for the child who is blind or visually impaired. Summer is a perfect time to go on vacations, day trips, or simply explore your local area. With some simple adaptations, children who are blind or visually impaired can participate fully in summer activities that most children enjoy! These are also excellent ways to introduce concepts and encourage hands on exploration. If planning a trip, be sure to plan in advance for your trip. If your student is learning braille, be sure to expose them to environmental braille throughout the community. During your outings, consider recording parts of your trip on an electronic device. Use these recordings to help the student recall the experience and the order of events. During your experiences, take advantage of the opportunity to build concepts. Compare things that the child hears, sees, feels, smells, and tastes. For children with some useable vision, encourage them to use their vision as they scan to locate items, buildings and people. Picture of an icecream truck. 1. Buy a frozen treat from neighborhood ice cream truck. Buying a frozen treat from the ice cream truck can be so much fun for kids…and grown ups too! Take advantage of this opportunity to have your child practice making purchases. Picture of fireflies in a jar. 2. Catch lightning bugs. This can be more challenging for students who are visually impaired. If your child is unable to catch the lightning bugs on their own, catch the bugs for them and let them enjoy watching them light up the jar. Picture of seashells on a beach. 3. Collect seashells at the beach. Go for a walk with your child on the beach and encourage them to visually (or tactually as they walk) scan to locate seashells. If your child is not mobile, place a variety of shells within their reach and encourage them to search to locate and obtain them. Picture of a metro train. 4. Find a train and go on a train ride. Going on a train ride, particularly on a scenic route is a fun way to travel and help your child gain an understanding of various forms of travel. Many areas offer theme related train rides that can be especially fun for kids! Picture of the night sky with stars. 5. Find constellations on a starry night. If your child has enough vision, it can be fun to go to the country and look at the stars at night and try to find various constellations. Consider purchasing a constellation book to help you locate different constellations in your area.k here to edit. Picture of family camping. 6. Go camping. Weather camping in the backyard, in a tent or in a camper, camping can be a fun experience to get back to nature. Many states offer camps for the blind, both in the summer and in the winter. Of course if you are an outdoor lover, you can set up your own camping trip with your family! If this isn’t your area of interest, or perhaps to compliment your own family camping trip, consider signing your child up for a Lions Camp. Picture of trail mix 7. Make trail mix and go for a hike. To involve the child in the whole process, begin by visiting the store to gather ingredients to make a home made trail mix. Find a trail to go hiking on depending on your child’s endurance as well as the simplicity or complexity of the trail. Picture of geocaching. 8. Go geocaching. For the child who enjoys the idea of treasure hunting, go geocaching. According to the Geocaching website , geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. You can work together as a team to navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at the location! Picture of a boat. 9. Go on a boat ride. Whether a sailboat, rowboat, paddle boat, canoe, or motor boat, summer is a great time to help your child understand what makes a boat unique. Provide opportunities for your child to feel and compare the differences in boats. Be sure to provide hands on experience and teach safety with boating. Picture of ringtoss game. 10. Play ring toss. This outdoor game can be adapted with glow sticks turned into rings and see who can get closer to the target. Alternatively, a sound source can be placed by the targets, or the targets can be adapted to give them high contrast. Picture of boy in pool. 11. Go swimming. Swimming is not only a fun activity, but learning to swim and be safe in the water is essential for most everyone. Seriously consider arranging for private swimming lessons for your child or teach him or her yourself. Picture of a drive in movie theater. 12. Go to a drive in movie…or have your own in the backyard. Sadly, drive-in movie theaters are harder and harder to find. You can search for drive in theaters near you by visiting . There is nothing like watching movies under the stars, and if you aren’t able to find a nearby theater, you can create a similar experience in your backyard with a projector and a home-made screen. Picture of an outdoor summer concert. 13. Go to an outdoor summer concert. Summer can be a fantastic time to listen to a variety of music that children may not otherwise be exposed to. If your child is sensitive to loud noises, consider providing your child with earplugs to minimize, but not eliminate the sound. Picture of a family having a picnic. 14. Have a picnic in the park. Picnics are fun on their own or as part of a hike or road trip. When planning a picnic, have your child help prepare the sandwiches and help pack the other picnic foods. Picture of girl on a water slide. 15. Make a water obstacle course. A water obstacle course can be a fun activity for a really hot summer day! You can creatively include various sprinklers, wading pools, squirt bottles, water guns, hula hoops, and pool noodles to make unique obstacle courses! Picture of a winding road. 16. Mini-road trip. Summer generally allows you more flexibility in exploring your area and going on small (or big!) road trips! Make the planning of what to visit a family experience. Be sure to include activities from each family members interest. Children need to learn appreciate and be respectful of different preferences. This is also a great time to expose your child to activities that your child may not naturally be inclined to participate in. Picture of girl picking a peach. 17. Pick berries or peaches at a farm. Depending on the area you live in and what fruits are available during different seasons, the summer can be a great time to have your child experience picking berries or tree grown fruits! Children can visually scan to locate fruits and compare ripe fruits from those that still need time to grow. This is a great hands-on experience! Picture of a man planting a tree. 18. Plant something (a tree, bush, flowers, etc). Planting something, whether an indoor herb garden or a tree, bush, or flower bed, is an excellent hands on experience that allows the child who is blind or visually impaired with the opportunity to explore and better understand how plants grow. It can also develop into a lifelong hobby or interest for your child! Consider planting a sensory garden in your backyard with various scented plants. Picture of a family playing miniature golf. 19. Play miniature golf. Miniature golf is a fun family activity and there is no reason your child who is blind or visually impaired can’t join in on the fun! Mark Riccoobono, Executive Director of the National Federation of the Blind, has written a great article on Introducing Your Blind Child to Miniature Golf! Picture of a campfire. 20. Roast marshmallows over a fire and make s’mores. Although you should take safety precautions, there is no reason why a child who is blind or visually impaired can’t enjoy this great outdoor activity! Be sure to orient the child to the area and provide any assistance. Picture of a farmers market. 21. Visit a farmers market. A farmers market can be a wonderful hands on experience for children to touch and sample a variety of vegetables and fruits they may not otherwise have a chance to taste. Picture of someone fishing. 22. Go fishing. Whether it’s a fishing pond, stream, lake or ocean, going fishing can be a fun hands on experience for kids. As much as possible, have your child be involved in each step of the fishing experience. Picture of a festival consession stand. 23. Visit a fair or festival. Visit Fairs and Festivals website to find fairs and festivals near you! There are so many different types of fairs and festivals that there is sure to be one in your area that would interest you. Music, fun foods, rides, and petting zoos are just some of the many activities at fairs and festivals that may interest your child. Encourage your child to make their own purchases and interact with the various activities. Picture of someone washing a car. 24. Wash the cars and bikes. Washing the cars, trucks and bikes is a perfect way to have hands on with experience with the different areas of a vehicle and compare the similarities and differences. Picture of a marching band. 25. Watch a parade. Many towns and cities have parades during the summer. Parades can be fun for students who are blind or visually impaired. Your child may need to be provided with auditory descriptions. Picture of fireworks. 26. Watch fireworks. Although a fireworks show can be frightening for a child with no vision or is auditorily defensive, it can be a fun and enjoyable activity for many children including those with visual impairments. Picture of child riding a horse. 27. Go horseback riding. When provided with assistance, horseback riding is a fun activity for children of all ages. Many areas also offer therapeutic horseback riding, called hippo-therapy. Riding a horse allows the child to feel a normal walking gait, particularly if the child is unable to observe the posture of others. Picture of a surrey bike. 28. Go for a bike ride on tandem bikes. Although some students with low vision can still safely ride a bike, it may not be a safe hobby or sporting activity for students who are blind or have limited vision. This doesn’t mean that riding a bike can not be accessible. Some parks offer tandem or surrey rentals. If your child loves the experience, you may consider purchasing one of your own! Picture of a ball park. 29. Go to a sporting event. If your child uses a monocular or binocular, encourage them to bring it along and use it to scan, track and visually spot and identify the scores on the scoreboard. It can also be used to view choices on the menus of the concession stands. For children with limited or no vision, provide audio descriptions of the game and activities. Picture of a hiking trail. 30. Go for a walk. Go for a stroll in the park or a walk on a paved trail. Be sure to keep safety in mind. If your child uses a white cane, be sure they bring it along and assist with a guide technique when needed. Picture of lawn darts. 31. Play outdoor games (cornhole, jarts, etc.) Outdoor games can be fun and easily adapted for students who are blind or visually impaired. For students with low vision, adapted the targets to create contrast by selecting materials with high contrast or place contrasting duct tape around the target or on the objects to create more contrast. Sound sources could be used to help the student locate targets. Picture of polar bears at a zoo. 32. Visit a zoo. Visiting the zoo can present challenges to students who are blind as they will typically not be able to interact with the animals unless the zoo features a petting zoo. For students who have enough vision or are able to use a monocular or binoculars, the zoo can be a fun place to practice visually scanning to locate animals and tracking their movements! Picture of Habitat for Humanity. 33. Do a service project. It can be easy for children to become accustomed to having others do things for them. Help your child learn how great it feels to help others. Through service projects, children can practice problem solving and contributing to the community. There are many ways children can volunteer their time from church projects to local projects. Some possible ideas include: picking up litter at a park, make treats for a senior home or firefighters, volunteer at a pet shelter, go on a mission trip, help with a food drive or assist with a housing projects.]]>

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