Set up an Apple ID to use in the iTunes Store App Store or iBooks Store

. We recommend providing a rescue email address. However, it is not necessary to set up an account with the Appstore. If you’re trying to create an account using an existing Apple ID, you’ll see a message that the email address you provided is already an Apple ID. Tap Continue, and then tap Use Existing Apple ID on the following screen to sign in. 8. Enter your credit card and billing information, then tap Done. You will not be charged until you make a purchase. You can change or remove your payment details later. 9. Check your email for a verification email from Apple and follow the steps to verify your email address. Learn what to do if you need to 10. After you verify your email address, you can sign in to the iTunes Store, App Store and other Apple services such as iCloud with your new Apple ID.]]>

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