Public Interest Registry Aims To Broaden International Reach With Creation Of …

For the month of September = 2012
Public Interest=20 Registry Aims To Broaden International Reach With Creation Of = …

If you are interested in what goes on = in the world=20 of foreign trade, or you would like to develop a healthy relationship = with the=20 global trade arena, then here is your chance.  The tips
below = are=20 designed to give you ways to zoom ahead and take advantage of hidden=20 opportunities.
Each month, we will provide some tips on such topics = as=20 foreign trade, foreign languages, and related areas.
 Please see = our=20 tips below.
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Public Interest = Registry Aims To=20 Broaden International Reach With Creation Of …
MarketWatch (press=20 release)
“These specific IDNs help ensure the Internet’s = accessibility and=20 availability to millions of individuals worldwide – especially those who = do not=20 speak Latin-based languages like English, French, German and Spanish, = and who=20 were previously offline or …
Read more at: terest-registry-aims-to-broaden-international-reach-with-creation-of-cyri= llic-chinese-and-devanagari-web-addresses-2012-05-31
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+++++++++++++++ Unveils = Multilingual=20 Support
Destination CRM
Publish their internal knowledge base and=20 customer-facing help center in multiple languages. Efficiently and = confidently=20 manage translations and see at a glance where they need updating. With=20 Translation Management, maintaining and coordinating …
Read more = at: /Articles/CRM-News/Daily-News/ .aspx
Latino or Hispanic | = Spanish=20 Translations, English to Spanish …
English to Spanish Translation = =B7 Website=20 Translation to Spanish =B7 Spanish SEO … is the third most-spoken = language on=20 the planet, after English and Chinese, … latino-hispanic/=20
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