More multigenerational families living together

More multigenerational families living together By Donna J. Jodhan This is a trend that started a short time ago due to circumstances and necessity and one can pinpoint the recent recession for starting this.  With hundreds of thousands of families unable to hold on to their homes because of an inability to pay their mortgages, we find that multi generations are doubling up so to speak; living together. The experts are saying that this trend would probably continue for a while for as long as it takes the economy to return to a state whereby people will be able to afford to purchase homes at affordable rates.  In the old days, this was the norm; multi generations lived together for the sake of affordability and security so in essence this is nothing new.  Just a step back to the old days with a promise of returning to the accustomed in a few years.I am going to leave you with a great reference to check out.  Please see below.

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