Let go of your grudges

Let Go Of Your Grudges

As we approach the New Year, it=92s a = good time to=20 clean out the clutter in our lives.
That means disposing of useless papers = and unused=20 stuff but also throwing away old grudges.
The prevalence and durability of = grudges proves=20 Maya Angelou=92s observation that people don=92t always remember what = you said or=20 did, but they do remember how you made them feel.
Grudges are nothing more than toxic = memories of how=20 someone made us feel.
But Confucius taught that “To be = wronged is nothing=20 unless we continue to remember it.” So why do so many of us choose to=20 consciously preserve and revisit toxic feelings that detract from our=20 happiness?
Perhaps we fool ourselves into thinking = we can=20 inflict some sort of pain on the person who wronged us. In fact, holding = on to a=20 grudge is like holding on to a hot stone.
It doesn=92t hurt the stone or the = person who gave it=20 to us; it only hurts the one holding it. Carrying a grudge is like being = stung=20 to death by one bee.
It doesn=92t matter how justified the = bitter feelings=20 are or how right we are. Holding on to a grievance turns pain into = suffering. In=20 a peculiar way it empowers the wrongdoer to hurt us again and=20 again.
So start out this New Year by giving = yourself a=20 great gift. Muster the good sense and strength to root out and release=20 deep-seated and long-held resentments.
If you can, forgive and forget. But all = that=92s=20 really necessary is a firm decision to let go of
Michael Josephson
Where there is sadness, I hope I = brought some=20 laughter. Where there is grief, I hope I offered some comfort. Where = there is=20 hate, I hope some love was found here. Where there is doubt, I hoped I = showed=20 you words of faith.

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