Is there an ideal workplace?

Is there an ideal workplace?
By Donna J. Jodhan
This is something that has occupied my = mind for=20 many years now and at the end of the day I would have to humbly submit = that=20 indeed; there is no ideal workplace for the blind employee.  There = is none=20 for the sighted employee so why should I expect that there would be one = for the=20 blind worker?
If I were given a wish list as to what = an almost=20 ideal workplace could be, then what would I wish for?  Well, here = is my=20 wish list and let us see how I do.
Before I proffer my wishes, I’ll define = what I=20 mean by the workplace.  I’ll say that it would include the facets = and=20 dimensions of a physical layout plus a virtual environment so here = goes.
With regard to the physical = environment, I’d wish=20 for:
Elevators that are easy to find – = buttons that=20 are easy to access, adequate lighting, buttons that light up, and a nice = to have=20 would be a talking elevator.  In addition, elevator doors that are = brightly=20 painted for easy identification. 
Work stations, offices, washrooms, = conference=20 rooms, and cafeterias that are easy to locate and navigate. 
With regard to the virtual = environment: =20 Intranets that are accessible and navigable for blind persons, = documentation in=20 alternate formats, and access software that can interact efficiently = with=20 mainstream software within the work environment. 
I shall add to this list that it is = always=20 helpful whenever fellow employees, management, and supporting staff can = be=20 sensitized to the requirements of their fellow blind colleague.  = This can=20 certainly help to break down many of those artificial barriers.
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