How to record calls on an iPhone In a time where our phones can order pizza, hail cabs, and detect our heartbeats, you’d think it’d be easy to record a phone call. Unfortunately, it’s not. Despite what you may think, recording calls isn’t as easy as pressing a button on your iPhone, so in order to get it done you’ll need to install an app. There are tons of these littered across the App Store and the Web , and while many of them promise crystal clear recordings and nonexistent pricetags, very few live up to these claims. To help you pinpoint the right app for your needs, we’ve scoured the Internet in search of the best call recorders and offered up a quick overview of our favorites in the paragraphs below. Here’s how to record calls on an iPhone: **Record Incoming Calls If you’re looking to record an incoming phone call, your best bet is using Google Voice. Like all of Google’s products, Voice is completely free. The only caveat is that Google doesn’t allow you to record outgoing calls – only incoming ones. This makes it rather inconvenient if you’re hoping to record any conversations that you yourself need to initiate, so if you need to record an outgoing call, skip to the next section of this page. To start recording incoming calls with Google Voice, you first need to set up a account. This is extremely easy – just head to and follow instructions. Once your account is up and running, the next step is enabling call recording so you can actually record and save stuff. Here’s how that’s done: 1.) Go to your Voice homepage. 2.) Click the gear icon in the top right or tab to this choice and hit enter. Then select Settings from the dropdown menu. 3.) Click on the Calls tab. 4.) In the Call Options section, check the box that says Enable Recording. Once you do this, you can record incoming calls by pressing 4 on your phone’s keypad during the call. This will trigger an automated voice to notify both parties that the call is being recorded. To stop recording, simply press 4 again or end the call. After you stop recording Google will save the conversation to your Voice inbox, which is where all your recordings can be found/listened to/downloaded. **Record Outgoing Calls When it comes to recording both incoming and outgoing calls, you’ll need something other than Google Voice. Unfortunately there aren’t too many free options out there, but if you don’t mind shelling out a few bucks, your range of choices widens substantially. We’ve tested out quite a few call recorders, and based on what we’ve seen, here are your best options in each category: Free: Call Recorder by =8 If you’re only looking to record one call, this app is probably your best bet. After you download it and sign up for a NoNotes account, you get 30 minutes of call recording for free each month. If you go over this monthly limit you’ll need to purchase additional minutes, but the good news is NoNotes offers a variety of different pricing options . If you only need a little bit more time, you can pay 25c per additional minute, or you can buy in bulk at get 100 minutes for $10. As an added bonus, NoNotes also offers low-cost transcription services, which are ideal if you’re recording an interview. **Pay-per-minute: NoNotes is a good option, but if you’re looking for cheaper pay-per-minute rates, IntCall might be a better choice depending on the country you’re calling to. Additional minutes can be purchased for $5, $10, or $20 dollars, and the cost per minute varies in each country. We definitely advise checking out the price list before you buy anything, but most countries can be reached for .10 or 0.20 cents per minute, which makes this a bit more of a bargain than the pay-per-minute plans offered by NoNotes. The only downside is that it works through a VOIP line, so you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to use it. **One-time payment: TapeACall Pro If you don’t mind shelling out some money up front for a good app, spring for TapeACall Pro. For just ten bucks, you get an unlimited amount of call recording time, regardless of who or where you’re calling. It works a bit differently than the other two listed here – you initiate a recording by placing a call to whoever you want, putting them on hold for a moment, then opening the app and hitting the record button. Once you do all this, the call is merged and stored with a remote recording service. When you’re done recording, you can access the stored audio file right from your phone.]]>

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