Helpful tips for September 2013

Christopher Null reak-them.html Special Note from Dan: You may not agree with all of these but I have found most of them “spot on” when working severail computer users, (beginners and oldtimers), through the years. I’ve seen A bad habit can ruin your digital life just as easily as it can harm your offline one. You bite your nails. Your house is a sty. You never signal before changing lanes, and when you finally reach your destination, you’re 30 minutes late. We all have bad habits in real life. Why can’t technology help cure them? While technology should help us break bad habits, all too often it makes things worse. Are you guilty of a bad tech habit? Here are 21 of the worst technology-oriented habits, plus potential fixes for all of them. (And we have a bonus at the end, on mending bad email habits.) 1. Leaving equipment in plain sight: Someone can easily take your gear if you leave it sitting unattended. The typical gadget isn’t stolen by thieves who’ve done lots of planning. No, most gadget heists are conceived and executed in seconds, and probably be]]>

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