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Helpful tips for May 2022

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General tips
Articles of the day

  • How to Clean a Bathtub Anti-Slip Bottom
    From the pages of Donna’s travel diary
    *A terrific train trip

General tips
Courtesy of the research team at

Scams of the month:
Before giving you our scam tips of the month, here are some very valueable tips.
You need to remember that scams come in the following formats:
As emails, as phone calls both recorded and via a live caller, and o yes! It can even show up at your door and in your mailbox.
And now they are targeting us through texts being sent to our cell phones.

Before giving you the latest scams making the rounds; we have some do nots to share with you.
Do not respond to emails that look strange to you.
Do not download attachments from unknown senders.
Do not share your username and password to your online banking and any other online payments facilities with anyone.
Do not give out any banking or personal details on the phone to unknown callers.
Do not pay any attention to threats from automated phone recordings or from live persons with regard to your credit card or that you owe money to any revenue agency.
Do not entertain any offers either via email or by phone from senders and callers offering incredible service packages as they may pertain to cable and tv services, prizes that you have won, or any sort of any type of service package.
Do not answer the door to unknown callers.
Take extra caution to make sure that the details of your credit cards and debit cards are fully protected when you make payments at restaurants or at stores, pharmacies, and elsewhere.
Do not enter your password for Facebook or Twitter in response to a text request on your cell phone.
The same if you are asked for your Apple ID.
Do not fall prey to a text message telling you that your banking details have been compromised online.

From Melanie with huge thanks –
Out of cake flour? Low on buttermilk? Here’s where you can find help on substituting ingredients for ones you don’t have on hand.

  1. Alcohol/Liqueur
    When making substitutions for alcohols, it is important to keep the volume of liquid in the recipe the same as originally called for. Depending on the recipe, apple juice or chicken broth often makes a good substitution for wine. When using flavored liqueurs, extracts can be substituted if you make up the balance of the liquid with water. For example, if a recipe calls for 2 tablespoons Grand Marnier, you could use 1/2 teaspoon orange extract. Just be sure to get the same level of orange flavor. This may take some experimentation.
  2. Baking Powder
    1/4 teaspoon baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar can be substituted for 1 teaspoon baking powder.
  3. Baking Soda
    There is no recommended substitute for baking soda.
  4. Bouquet Garni
    1/2 teaspoon each dried parsley flakes, dried thyme leaves and 1 bay leaf (crushed), can be substituted for 1 teaspoon bouquet garni.
  5. Butter
    Unsalted butter can be substituted for regular butter in any recipe. It is NOT necessary to add salt. Margarine can also be substituted for butter. Do NOT use lowfat spreads or light butter for baking.
  6. Buttermilk
    1 tablespoon vinegar plus enough milk to equal 1 cup OR 2/3 cup plain yogurt plus 1/3 cup milk can be substituted for 1 cup buttermilk.
  7. Chervil
    1 teaspoon dried parsley flakes plus 1/8 teaspoon rubbed, dried sage can be substituted for 1 teaspoon chervil.
  8. Chicken or Beef Broth
    1 cup hot water and 1 teaspoon instant bouillon granules (or 1 bouillon cube) can be substituted for 1 cup broth.
  9. Chocolate Chips, Semi-Sweet
    6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, chopped, can be substituted for 1 cup (6 ounces) semi-sweet chocolate chips. When substituting for chocolate chips, make sure to use the same type of chocolate (i.e. semi-sweet, milk).
  10. Chocolate, Semi-Sweet
    3 tablespoons chocolate chips OR 1 square (1-ounce) unsweetened chocolate plus 1 tablespoon sugar can be substituted for 1 square (1-ounce) semi-sweet chocolate.
    6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder plus 7 tablespoons sugar plus 1/4 cup fat can be substituted for 6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate.
  11. Chocolate, Sweet Baking (German)
    1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder plus 1/3 cup sugar and 3 tablespoons fat can be substituted for 4 ounces German sweet baking chocolate.
  12. Chocolate, Unsweetened
    1 2/3 ounce semisweet chocolate (reduce sugar in recipe by 2 teaspoons) OR 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa plus 1 tablespoon butter, margarine or shortening can be used instead of 1 ounce unsweetened baking chocolate or 1 ounce premelted
    unsweetened chocolate.
  13. Coffee
    1/2 cup hot water and 1 teaspoon instant coffee granules can be substituted for 1/2 cup strong brewed coffee.

From Donna –
Some very useful tips on using Alexa:
Hey Alexa
A.) Create an Alexa Voice ID for a more personalized on-device experience. Just say, “Alexa, learn my voice.”
B.) Let loved ones know they’re on your mind by sending them a hug message with fun sound effects. Just say, “Alexa, send a hug.”
C.) Share your dietary preferences with Alexa and get personalized recipe ideas. Just say, “Alexa, open my food preferences.”

Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

How to Clean a Bathtub Anti-Slip Bottom
If you have a bathtub with a slip-resistant bottom that no matter what you use to clean it, it still looks dingy, grungy and downright grimy, today I have really good news and at least one sure-fire solution that will bring even an older tub bottom back to clean, like new!

Since the Americans with Disabilities Act became law in 1990, all bathtubs must be manufactured with some type of anti-slip bottom. Kohler porcelain tubs come with its patented Safeguard Slip-Resistant Surface, which has a very distinctive look and seems to be the most prone to this ugly problem.
The problem is not only with Kohler tubs but with any manufacturer who etches the tub’s bottom to provide the non-slip feature. That causes the oil from your feet to start staining the tub’s bottom, then for some it’s like these stains get embedded and locked in forever.
I’ve heard from many readers who have tried everything they can think of to remove these stains, without success. In fact, all of those efforts seem to do just the opposite, eventually making the problem even worse.
Some readers have reported using Magic Eraser, Bar Keepers Friend, Zud and Comet, all with varying levels of success: Magic Eraser, Bar Keepers Friend, Zud and Comet. But you need to know that Kohler warns against all of them because they can harm the anti-slip and porcelain finishes, possibly creating an even worse problem over time.
Kohler recommends only three products to clean its Safeguard Slip-Resistant Surface:

  1. Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner
  2. Tilex Bathroom Cleaner
  3. Express ROG Tub and Tile Cleaner.
    ROG Tub and Tile Cleaner is the sure-fire product I mentioned above. It works, and I say that without any hesitation. It is also recommended by Kohler. ROG is miraculous and will bring your tub back to its shiny new self including the slip resistant etching, without damaging the porcelain or the anti-slip surface. You must get this product (actually it comes in a kit) from the manufacturer’s website. It is not
    available in stores or through Amazon. In the kit you will receive two bottles—ROG3 and ROG1 plus a scrubbing pad for about $40 plus shipping, which is quite
    a bargain as compared to having a tub refinished or replaced.
    The kit will come with full instructions, which are quite simple. I suggest that you take a few minutes to watch this online video that will show you exactly how to use the product to wash all of that ugly stain down the drain. Then read the information
    on the site.
    While ROG Tub and Tile Cleaner is a Kohler recommended product to clean the slip-resistant bottom of its bathtubs, it is not limited to that. This product will clean all tubs, showers, tile and grout of dirt, grime and build up—those challenging situations that need a miracle!
    Author: Mary Hunt on 06/27/17

From the pages of Donna’s diary
A terrific train trip

In late October 2021 I and my friend Sue took a wonderful train trip from Toronto to Québec City and back. The trip took us about 10 hours in total and under heavy Covid restrictions we managed to enjoy our train trip in fine style.

We had to wear our masks for most of the time and social distancing was strictly adhered to. This however did not prevent the Via Rail staff from carrying out their duties with wonderful alacrity, friendliness, and super customer service. Especially when it came to fulfilling the needs of me as a vision impaired person.

The staff were attentive from start to finish; helping with the luggage, assisting me to keep my meal on my table whenever the train rocked a bit too much, and overall, I could not have asked for anything more.

Yes, I would certainly encourage anyone hesitating to take a train trip sooner than later. It is relaxing, pleasurable, enjoyable, but most of all it is home away from home!

I’m Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.

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