Bluez 2: The Transcending Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones -conduction-headphones/ Bone conduction technology dates back about 70 years, where it was first used in military applications for one of its most critical values: situational awareness. Our efforts to bring all the benefits of the technology to the public resulted in the first open ear wireless bone conduction headphones: our first generation Bluez, which hit the market in January 2013. While Bluez was an incredible innovation, and we were proud and humbled by the awards and accolades that rolled in to support our work, we weren’t satisfied. Our mission is to enhance lives, and we strive to do so at a standard of which other solutions are no longer ideal. When Bluez launched, we felt the product was the beginning of a new category of headphones-open ear headphones; that our design and open ear listening experience served a great purpose where there was a need. But delivering safety and comfort were just the start, and all this time we’ve been working on ways to take the user experience up a notch. Bluez 2 takes the remarkable to the extraordinary, in the only headphones that allow users to #beopen to their surroundings completely, while remaining connected to a mobile device for music and voice communication. Who says bone conduction can’t sound great? That’s where PremiumPitchT comes in. We didn’t reinvent the wheel completely here, we simply left no stone unturned. A paper soft beryllium copper spring is used to express the tiny details of the music so it sounds as it’s intended. With the help of sophisticated digital signal processing, we’re able to produce a richer and much more balanced sound-including bass. An improvement you’ll have to hear to believe, PremiumPitchT makes open ear bass via bone conduction technology possible. Natural sound leakage is normal. We fight it with LeakSlayerT. A common complaint about bone conduction audio is sound leakage, especially as it relates to people nearby. Though we’ve always agreed it to be a legitimate concern, some say the issue is so real that it leads them to believe bone conduction isn’t real, even though Beethoven composed that way! We found that drilling some holes in just the right places let the sound generated by the transducers cancel the sound created by the vibration of the housing. This beautifully simple solution has allowed us to “slay” leaked sound significantly, the benefit of which is improved audio output. We now confidently believe Bluez 2 bone conduction headphones rival the audio you’re accustomed to from most traditional headphones. Increased sweat resistance make Bluez 2 “everyday strong”. In addition to the protective film on the printed circuit board we’d built in to the first generation product, we’ve added watertight silicon rubber gaskets and nanotechnology chemicals to ensure Bluez 2 is intrinsically sweat resistant. They’re built for use everyday, powering through sweat sessions and even the elements. Extended comfort and a super secure fit: introducing OpenFitT. All this wouldn’t mean much if we didn’t make adjustments to ensure Bluez 2 was built to fit like it’s barely there. So we moved the circuit board and the battery to the sides of the headband (instead of the back) for balanced weight distribution. Though equally lightweight, the shift allowed us more flex in the headband, making them a better fit for a wider range of head sizes. Add in the fact that nothing is nested inside or covering your ears and you’ll find that the comfort, especially when worn for extended periods of time, is unmatched. Audrey SaysT voice prompts deliver a seamless user experience. You have a new friend in Audrey, the sweet-sounding companion that will guide you through power, pairing and playing. She’ll even gently let you know when it’s time to charge the battery, and will initiate a call upon your command. But be warned, this isn’t “Her”. She’s not going to fall in love with you-it’s strictly platonic. Dual noise-canceling microphones deliver clean and clear voice communication. Bluez 2 is equipped with two microphones, strategically placed to filter out unwanted sounds and leave only clear speech, reliable even in noisy environments. Equalization presets customize sound to personal preference. Because listening environments frequently fluctuate and music files aren’t always perfect, we felt it vital to add functionality that allowed for easy equalization adjustments. Bluez 2 EQ presets also help to deliver that bass that was missing from the first generation product. Kick the function into gear when music is playing with a simple press and hold of the multifunction button until you hear two beeps; then you can filter through a handful of presets that’ll boost bass or decrease vibrations to your liking, all while your mobile device remains tucked away. When it comes to wireless connectivity, a little shift can make a big difference. On the first generation Bluez, the antenna transmitter was nested into the back of the headband. Customer feedback led us to take potential signal blockage by the body into consideration when designing Bluez 2, and that’s why now you’ll find the antenna slimly set into the right side of the headband. This design change means your headphones can hear your music and calls better; therefore so can you! What else is in the box? . 1 waterproof storage pouch . 1 micro-USB charging cable . 1 adjustable tension band – for those needing a snugger fit . 2 reflective stickers – for increased visibility in darkness . Infinite peace of mind Our Price: $99.95 OPEN EAR WIRELESS STEREO HEADPHONES The only BluetoothR stereo headphones that allow you to tune in to music or calls without tuning out the world, all with complete wireless freedom. Our open ear bone conduction headphones guide mini vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner ears, ensuring you can be open to ambient sound, even when you’re plugged in, working out or on the go. Contact Information AfterShokz 6311 Fly Road East Syracuse, NY 13057 315.218.0308 Web Site:]]>

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