When The Dust Settles – What Should We Expect?

When the dust settles.

I often wonder if the dust will really settle?  What can we really expect to look forward to?  And if it does settle then what could we expect to find?

There are so many unknown and moving variables.  So many unpredictable to consider and most of all; for whereas we would love to believe in those polls recent trends have clearly shown us that polls cannot be relied upon to help us predict let alone manage our futures.

The world continues to reel from so many events.  Many are our of our own  making but on the other hand many are nature’s way of telling us how unhappy she is with us!  We continue to either intentionally ignore obvious warning signs or maybe we are just too caught up in our own selfish selves to take note.

My humble opinion is that yes; there are strategies that we can deploy to help us to better understand how to manage our lives and our futures when the dust does finally settle.

However, until we become more open to thinking of others more and less of ourselves it will be extremely difficult for us to deal with a world if/when the dust does finally settle.

My final thoughts?

We are living in a very troubled world and no one really knows if the dust will really ever settle!

I can only hope and Pray that for our kids; the dust settles much sooner than later!

Just my two cents for today

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