The Pandemic Perpetrators – Who Are They?

Who are they?  They are the scammers who continue to work under the cover of the pandemic using their scams and schemes to play havoc with our lives.  Who are the victims?  Everyone but in particular; seniors and those with disabilities!  In short, the most vulnerable.

The Pandemic Perpetrators are becoming more and more creative and cunning.  They are even managing to conn those who should know better; those poor unsuspecting folks who think that they are perpetrator and scam proof because they are a bit too sure of themselves.

I recently witnessed this first hand for myself when I saw how someone who I thought should know better become entrapped.

This person has become involved with a very enticing multi level marketing scheme!  They have gotten themselves deeply immersed in an initiative where they truly believe that they can help others to create so-called lucrative business opportunities for themselves  and lo and behold!  The better business bureau of America is warning that this Pandemic Perpetrator is in the midst of some very serious fraud investigations!

This person really believes what they are selling but alas!  They are falling way short of being able to fully explain this so-called lucrative initiative but you know when you are about to be snowed when they are unable to fully explain the initiative and then they are unable to deliver on promised materials in a timely manner.

We need to be more aware of our immediate surroundings.  We need to look before we leap, think before we commit, and ask all of the relevant questions before doing anything else.

My final thought?  Scammers and scams are never going to go away so we might as well accept this and work to find ways to curtail their actions!

Just my two cents for today.

Image = Close up of a smart phone showing an incoming call marked SCAMMER.

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