The Mobile App Dilemma – Time To Speak Up

Technology sure has left large groups of consumers and customers in a very serious predicament and what am I referring to now?

I am referring to a very sobering fact!  This being that as more and more business places over a widening plethora of industries move to demanding and requesting that customers and consumers engage and communicate with them through mobile devices and apps; it means that some very important bread and butter consumers and customers are both being left out and forgotten!

Here are my thoughts!

Seniors who are either intimidated by mobile technology, do not possess a mobile device, do not own computers, do not use the Internet, and who cannot even afford to pay for proper Internet connections are either being forgotten, left out, or a bit or much of both.

In short, they are being left out in the cold!

Persons with disabilities who continue to be challenged with having to use mobile apps that are not accessible, usable, or navigable; they too are both being forgotten and left behind.  They too are being left out in the cold!

We are dealing with a rapidly aging population and this is a fact of life that too many businesses still seem to be either unaware of or they are choosing to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to this picture.  In short they are hoping that a miracle will descend and make things right.

Too many businesses are failing to either realize all of this or they naively believe that they can simply push or bully customers and consumers into using mobile technology.  I agree that mobile technology will be the way to go moving forward but please!  We need to find immediate ways to meet the requirements and needs of those mentioned above.

Telling a person that they can get around this by asking a friend or family member to assist is a poor excuse and as I would respectfully submit it is humiliating, insulting, and downright disrespectful!  I can only urge businesses to please do something about this!

My final thoughts?  Each time that a mobile app is not accessible for a person who is either a senior or one with a vision impairment or any other person with a disability,

It means that our independence,, privacy, and confidentiality are all being deprived.

Just my two cents for today.

Image = Brand new Apple iPhones 6 and 5S sit on a Macbook keyboard surrounded by iPad tablets and various other Apple devices.

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