The Kids Who Cannot Advocate For Themselves – Voices In The Wilderness

The kids who cannot advocate for themselves.

No, they are just unable to do so and each time we either intentionally or inadvertently snuff out their lives it means that we are guilty of depriving them of their futures.

This sure reminds me of a song that the Carpenters made so popular and this verse shall forever stand out in my mind.  It goes something like this.

“Bless the beasts and the children!  For in this world they have no voice!  They have no choice!”

Absolutely correct so now what can we do to change this?  More listening and less shouting?  More tutoring and guiding and less pushing and bullying?  Kids learn from adults and I humbly submit that if we become better advocates for them then they in turn will follow our example and become even better advocates for the future.

My final thoughts?

They are our present and our future and we must protect them at all costs!  For if we don’t? we are nowhere!

Just my two cents for today.

Image = Donna talking to students at a high school.

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