The Kid Who Told Me About Hate – Lesson Learned

The kid who told me about hate.

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a lovely dinner with my friend and her son but just imagine my surprise when this very gentle, kind, and thoughtful youngster told me that he did not like to hear his peers use the word hate.

What a surprise but most of all!  What a relief!  For alas!  A tiny piece of our future who does not believe in hate nor does he believe in bullying!

Young Tyler was very fervent, firm, and forthright in his comments.  Upon further conversation, he told me that too many of his friends and peers loved to use the word hate whenever they either had a disagreement with a friend or simply wanted to intimidate said friend.

When I asked him why he hated this word he simply told me that it was wrong and not a very nice word to use.

At the end of our dinner I said a silent Prayer of thanks to God for little Tyler and asked God to send us more of those kids who are likeminded to Tyler.

My final thoughts?  Tyler sparks hope in me that there is a fighting chance that our future can be saved!

Just my two cents for today.

Image = The word BULLYING sits in large black letters inside of a thick red circle with a red line running over and through the letters diagonally.

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