See who Donna J. Jodhan has recognized for December 2023 – thanks everyone!

In keeping with her commitment to recognize those who have acknowledged her efforts, award winning Sight Loss Coach advocate and Author Donna Jodhan recognizes the following persons for the month of December with special thanks to Aaron Di Blazi and Mindvault solutions.
She also recognizes Michelle Parker!
These are her All Stars!
Donna is also pleased to acknowledge those who have and continue to recognize her as a sight loss coach!
She also wants to encourage others to keep reaching out to support each other.
If you would like sight loss coach and author Donna Jodhan to recognize you then you really do not need to do too much.
It’s really quite easy! Just retweet her tweets @author_jodhan and/or like her posts on facebook at authordonnajodhan.
It’s all about everyone working together to recognize each other!
To learn more: Visit award winning advocate, author, and sight loss coach Donna at


Heartiest congrats to the following folks:

Chris Schiafone
AliasJason Everett
Stephanie Cave
Pat Danforth
Ayanna Whitman
Abhisek Das
Raza Ansari
Bryleigh Sariah
Vivek Kumar
Daniel Jean
Home Business
Vanja Sudar
Arlene Mccauley
Adam Mody
Sam Khan
James Athey
Ihsan Isn’t
Elizabeth Ryan
Rizwan Khan
Anish Mishra
Hassan Ali
Khalifa Ajoy
Elena Laude Aguilar
Gabriella Sharrard
Wassim AL
Patrick Fontenot
Jamie Rodriguez
Betsy Anne Faircloth
Munezero Daniel
Md Tarek Hossain
Yully Khair
Maria Saieba Kovacs
Aweber – Make Email Marketing Easy, Fun & Profitable
David Bailey
AEBC Toronto Chapter
Tamara-Lee Puzak
Yeamin Bin Alamin
Key to Thrive Academic Coaching
John DiMarco
Lucy Misasi
Linda Paul
Chantal Oakes
Debasish Das
Ali Munazzar
Ashir Choudray
Navrthan Kumawat
Raymond Bond
Mian Irfan
Lãñghù Ølivèr
Sukumer Sau
Onely Hart
Ihsan Isn’t
Martha J.
Stephen J Townsend
Muhammad Bilal Gaadi
Janet Brandly
Constance Mayle
Arron George
Paweł Górnicz
Brenda A Jennings
Azeem Biag
Ihsan Isn’t
Gulshan G
Toto Richkids
MrBablu Babu
Munezero Daniel
Nadeem Bhutto
Judy Bobbitt Deere,
Kanhaiya Jha
Sudheer Khandelwal
Coşkun Gör
Willie Macon
Greg Tyler
Lucy Misasi
Rick Moffat
Shane Bentham
Thadd Correia
Miles Rieker
Sadie Castro
Waris Ali
Emmastar Patlki
Selvi Rahmawati
Mazhar Saleem
Areeba Malik
Samiya Angela
Charlene Young
Paul Barber
Pratikshya Lamichhane Timalsina
Hafiz Salam Din Rahi
Merha Noor


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