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Welcome to the April 2024 edition of AppleVis Unlimited, our monthly newsletter which highlights what’s new and noteworthy
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We are pleased to highlight the newest apps.
…. New and Noteworthy App Entries
1) Agent Of Adventure (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)
This game is an abandoned RPG game that develops the city using rewards earned by adventurers.
Hire adventurers at the tavern and start your adventure once you have the equipment for the hired adventurers. In the adventure you will encounter various traps, caves and monsters. While left unattended, adventurers come back over those difficulties. Adventurers come home with “money”, “experience value” and “items”.
Let’s develop the town and guild with the money you got! You can build various shops in the city.
*If you build a weapon shop or armor shop, you will have plenty of equipment to bring to your adventure.
*If you build a tool shop and bring items that are useful for your adventure, your adventure will be stable.
*If you build a temple, you may be able to revive a dead adventurer.
*If you build a school, better adventurers will grow up.
*If you develop a tavern, many adventurers will gather.
*If you develop the guild, you will be able to raise the level of adventurers.
Let the adventurers learn various skills using the “experience value” you have obtained! In this game, the adventurer does not grow and HP (life point) is not changed from 15 to 100, and the natural ability is hardly changed. Instead, learning various jobs makes you dying. -Fighters are good at fighting, and fighting with swords is good.
Current Version: 4.17 (December 9, 2020)
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2) Anytime Podcast Player (iOS/iPadOS, Free)
Anytime Podcast Player is a free and open-source podcast player that’s designed to be simple and easy to use. Anytime is Podcasting 2.0 ready and will support more features as the app is developed.
Discover podcasts:
*Search from over 2 million free podcasts.
*Discover something new in the podcast charts.
*Follow your favourite podcasts so you never miss an episode.
*Stream episodes or download for offline playback later.
*View episode chapters and skip to the part of an episode you’re interested in*
*Directly support the show via funding links*
*Listen at faster or slower speeds.
*Queue episodes with option to rearrange order.
*Download episodes for offline listening.
*Pause a streamed or downloaded episode and pickup where you left off later on.
Current Version: 1.3.7 (March 13, 2024)
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3) Ax Roguelike (iOS/iPadOS, US$3.99)
Ax Roguelike is a deck-building roguelike game.
Deck-building: Over 900 skills can be learned. Depending on the construction, various effects will interact in a complex manner and create synergies.
Battle: Progress is based on turn-based command selection. Players can connect up to three skills and activate them consecutively.
Base: At the base, you can prepare in advance before heading to the stage. If it is difficult to conquer, expand the functions of your base and prepare your initial equipment before trying again.
Strengthening: During the capture, various training is possible in the village. Strengthening weapons, strengthening will, modifying skills, modifying equipment, etc.
Current Version: 2.11 (April 16, 2024)
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4) Lucky Mayor (iOS/iPadOS, US$3.99)
In this roguelike mayor simulation game, you will become the leader of a city, taking on the role of mayor. Your task is to recruit citizens, promote business prosperity, and build a comprehensive industrial chain to meet the diverse needs of the population. Through wise planning and decision-making, transform your city into a thriving supercity that citizens take pride in, and become their admired leader!
Current Version: 1.5.4 (April 26, 2024)
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5) Tape It: Pro Audio Recorder (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)
The professional songwriting app that helps musicians record, organize & share song ideas. We are frustrated musicians that always wanted a straightforward app that gets how we artists work— so we created Tape It. And thousands of professional musicians love it!
Never lose song memos, never spend time with songwriting headaches again; Focus on what really matters for your music, record many ideas, don’t think too much and unmess your songwriting!
*Group recordings into mixtapes:
*Collaborate in your mixtapes:
*Start recording straight from your iPhone lock screen:
*Add photos to your recordings:
*Airdrop files into your DAW:
*Sync between devices & never lose anything with Tape It’s EU-encrypted cloud:
*Add notes to your recordings:
*Listen to recordings as you would listen to Spotify:
*Add markers while and after recording:
*Listen to long recordings more easily:
*Detect instruments automatically and see smart waveforms:
*Mark favorite recordings:
Current Version: 3.11.2 (April 26, 2024)
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