No Room At The Inn – Your Round Table Is Missing Someone Very Important

No room at the inn.

And no!  I am not referring to Mary and Joseph when so many years ago they attempted to find lodgings at an inn just as Mary was just about ready to give birth to Infant Jesus!

What am I referring to today?  It is this!

These days, many Federal Government departments are scrambling to file their plans under the Accessible Canada Act before the closing deadline which is fast approaching.

Many Federal entities are frantically searching for ways to meet these as well!

And oodles and oodles of organizations for and of Canadians with disabilities are simply climbing over each other to get in on a piece of the action!

What is the missing piece of the puzzle here?

In my very respectful opinion, and once more, the person on the street is being shut out!

No room at the inn!  Their pleas and voices are simply not being heard and as I like to think of it there is absolutely no room at the inn for those of us who do not meet any of the following criteria.

We do not belong to any recognized organization or we are not a member of any recognized advisory group.

The barriers to applying for Federal Government posts are simply too high for us to scale and why?

Because the online system for applying is not very accessible, is not navigable, and no one seems able to rectify this.

Departments continue to refuse to engage and communicate with the person on the street choosing instead to go through those organizations who hand pick their reps from within rather than engaging in a more meaningful process of reaching out.

Many folks have simply become unfortunately fed-up with all of the above and have chosen to ignore these anemic actions choosing instead to go their own way and to do their own thing!

Do I personally blame them?  No!

What to do then?

These attitude barriers need to be brought down and a new way needs to be hashed out if any sort of meaningful dialogue is to take place!

Please start listening to the person on the street!  You would be amazed to discover how much they can teach you and how much you are missing out on!

My final word? Please take a long hard look at your round table and realize that someone very important is missing and needs to be invited!

Just my two cents for today!

Image = Close up photo of a bronze statuette of a blindfolded woman holding out the scales of justice in her right hand. Blurred in the background is the flag of Canada.

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