If You Can See It Then I Have A Right To Know About It – We Are All Entitled

If you can see it then I have a right to know about it.

This is what the majority of blind and partially sighted persons continue to be challenged with.  For some very unexplainable reason, too many sighted folks do not seem to be able to understand this concept let alone be able to rectify this huge glitch.

There are certain Federal Government entities that I shall not mention that honestly believe that when it comes to providing information, it is more than acceptable for a blind/partially sighted person to ask a sighted individual to tell them what it is.  Their very lame excuse is that the information in question is not really private so it is very okay for a sighted person to tell the one who is blind and/or partially sighted what it is.

I respectfully and humbly submit that this excuse is not an excuse.  It is disrespectful, condescending, and frankly humiliating and degrading.

No one should be able to tell the blind/partially sighted person what they should and should not consider to be private.    For after all, if the sender of the information wanted to make the information public, all they would need to do is to send it either in a postcard or in a flyer or maybe even in an unsealed envelope.

As long as the information is sealed or sent in a rip open envelope, then it is meant to be private and as long as this is so then a blind/partially sighted person has a right to know what it is independently and without any sighted assistance.

Everyone has a right to privacy and everyone has a right to read his/her own information.

My final thoughts?

Our world is made up of everyone!  Sighted, non sighted, mainstream, and those with a disability!

Let us not forget this!

Just my two cents for today.

Image = Close-up of a bronze Statue of Justice which focuses on a bright light in the center of the photo which shines directly upon the blindfold worn by Lady Justice.

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