How Serious Are We When It Comes To Accessibility? Time To Put Up Or Shut Up!

Yes!  In July 2019 Canada passed its Accessible Canada Act; a very long overdue piece of legislation that allowed it to promote itself as one of the developed countries that has passed accessibility legislation.  However, for whereas this was a history making piece of legislation it on the other hand was very sad that it took long so very long for Canada to do this.  But as they often say; better late than never!

I respectfully submit that indeed; the passage of the Accessible Canada Act for a Barrier Free Canada is definitely a landmark piece of legislation but like everything else; this can only be a landmark piece of legislation if all stakeholders comply.  Of course, we are always going to continue to strenuously advocate for things such as stricter penalties for those not complying and for shorter time periods for various pieces of the legislation to be implemented and here is where I honestly believe that we will be able to judge with respect to how serious are we when it comes to accessibility.

Of course, there are other requirements to be factored in and considerations to be implemented.  We need to remember that accessibility is not a nice to have.  It is a must and is so because of growing needs from a rapidly aging population.  It should be much more than just a duty to accommodate.  It is my sincere hope that the Canadian Government and especially the ministered responsible for matters of accessibility will increase the pressure for stakeholders to fall in line sooner than later.

My final thoughts?

We need to get out of the bad habit of just being content to talk the walk and to replace this with walk the talk.

Too many of us are just content to sit back and wait for something to happen!

Well!  It is not going to happen for as long as we allow entities to get away with a lack of accountability and transparency!

Just my two cents for today.

Image = Illustration. Three celebratory banners with alternating rows of red and white drop downs showcasing maple leaves overlap across the top. In the bottom right corner are three Canadian flags waving in the wind. In the bottom left corner is the Barrier Free Canada / Sans Barriere Canada logo. Below the BFC / CSB logo are the words ‘Bill C-81 The Accessible Canada Act’. Confetti of all different colors rains down from above.


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