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December 12 2022

My name is Donna Jodhan and I am using my extensive experience as a sight loss coach as well as my lived experience to share and respond to questions that are submitted to me and I also invite you to share your thoughts on questions asked.


For this week:  a question from Gerard in Salem Oregon.

Gerard would like some pointers on how to deal with bees and wasps.


My response:

Gerard, I know that the season for bees and wasps are over for this year but it does not hurt to prepare for next year.

So here are some quick points.


Both bees and wasps enjoy the sweet liquids when they find them in glasses.

Wasps also enjoy meat.

Bees make a sound when approaching but wasps do not.

Do not make the mistake to confront a wasp as they approach because presto! They alert their buddies to come to their rescue.

Bees can only sting once but wasps can sting multiple times.


Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Tell us what you think!  Share your feedback and let’s get more ideas cracking!

It’s important for us to share how we do things!


To contact me with a question or a thought; please send an email to me at and I’ll be sure to respond in 5 business days at the most.

If you wish me to respond earlier then put the word important in your subject line and I’ll do my best to respond more quickly.

Until the next time then!

I’m Donna wishing you a pleasant day and thanking everyone for their insightful feedback and suggestions!






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