Donna Jodhan’s news round up for March 2023

The Monthly News Round Up For Award Winning Advocate, Sight Loss Coach and Author Donna J. Jodhan

For the month of March 2023


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Blogs posted for this month

To the page

Donna Jodhan’s news round up for February 2023

The volunteer syndrome

The Volunteer Syndrome

What to do when a written commitment is not met?

Once again we have been forgotten

Once Again We Have Been Forgotten

Who are the usurpers?

A review of the Taco-Bell Restaurant


You can also view previous selections here.

Contributions From Founder and Advocate Donna Jodhan


Donna has also posted other articles of interest on her page

for this month.

Hottest tips from the Sterling Creations Business Desk

The Latest and Hottest Tips from the Sterling Creations team

Latest news from the Apple Vis online newsletter

A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s March did you know diary

See who Donna has recognized for March 2023

See who Donna J. Jodhan has Recognized for 2023

Donna J. Jodhan’s news round up for March 2023



Catch up with Donna’s expert page at

and for this month

All about accessible apps

Ask an Expert – March 2023 – What Makes a Fitness App Accessible?


Read Donna’s author’s tip for this month

All about waking up the nostrills

Ask an Author – March 2023 – Waking Up the Nostrils

And catch up with previous author’s tips


Read Donna J. Jodhan’s articles on ask the coach for this month

About talking thermometers

Ask Coach Donna J. Jodhan – About Talking Thermometers

How to avoid spilling water when putting ice trays in the freezer

Ask Coach Donna J. Jodhan – How to Avoid Spills When taking Ice Cubes to the Freezer

Finding a good versatile bottle opener

Ask Coach Donna J.Jodhan – Where to Find a Good Versatile Bottle Opener


Read Donna J. Jodhan’s tips and hints for catching up with the coach for this month

Best of hints for the draperies

(Cheap Drapery Hem Weights, Before Washing Windows)

Catch up with coach Donna J. Jodhan Best of hints for the draperies (Cheap Drapery Hem Weights)

Best of hints for the draperies

(Easy Moving Curtain Rods, Inserting Drapery Hooks)

Catch up with Coach Donna J. Jodhan’s Best of hints for the draperies (Easy Moving Curtain Rods, Inserting Drapery Hooks)


See an archive of all of her product reviews at


Listen and catch up with Donna’s shows

“ask Donna”( )

Week 1 – ask the blogger.

(on bullying; what are some causes of bullying.

Tips on entrepreneurship; types of entrepreneurship.

Scams and scammers; how to deal with phone calls asking for your credit card number

Donna’s thought for today; advantages and disadvantages of self checkouts)

Week 2 – ask the coach.

  • What to do when on antibiotics –
  • About opened bottles of wine –
  • For those who love to chew on lemon wedges:

Week 3 – ask the home maker.

For this week, Donna shares some very interesting tips on some Healthy Substitutes For Mayonnaise

Week 4 – book and product reviews.

Donna’s product review is all about the Egg Pod.

Her book review is on The Emperor’s revenge By Clive Cussler

Ask Donna YouTube Playlist:


“dining with donna”

( )

week 1 – Baked Beef And Fried Pepper Burritos

week 2 – Beef Stroganoff

week 3 – Chicken Thighs And Potatoes

week 4 – Fried Apple Pork Chops

Dining With Donna YouTube Playlist:



And now Donna has resumed posting editorials to the Access to Information News online weekly newsletter

sponsored by Mindvault Solutions.

For March 27


Donna gives her perspective on who this might be and she urges all entities to start engaging and communicating as soon as possible. This is the person who will determine the future; and help to increase cost effectiveness and revenues and customer bases:


To learn more about Donna  as an award winning  sight loss coach and advocate plus more visit


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