Donna J. Jodhan shares info from her January did you know diary

January 2023

A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s did you know diary

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Welcome to my Donna’s did you know diary for January and pleased to share the following with you.


Here’s what I learned for this month.

  • Using foil when warming food

Using foil to warm food is a very useful and time saving tip.

Wrap food in foil before putting it to warm in your toaster oven.


  • A tip on frying or scrambling eggs:

First, put a splash of oil and a small gob of butter in your frying pan.

Second, make sure that oil and butter are well mixed in.

Then turn the heat on high

Next when the oil and butter mixture start to heat up, turn the heat to low

And then pour in your egg mix.

Finally cook according to your choice of either scrambling or frying.


  • And here is what I learned this month about the honey bee!

“Bees are very social insects, and mutual feeding seems to be the order of their existence. The workers feed the helpless queen, who cannot feed herself. They feed the drones and, of course, they feed the young. They seem to actually enjoy this social act. One bee always seems ready to feed another bee, even if that bee is from a different colony. The bee has been aptly described as busy.


To produce one tablespoon of honey for our toast, the little bee makes 4,200 trips to flowers. A worker bee will fly as far as eight miles in search of nectar. He makes about 10 trips a day to the fields, each trip lasting 20 minutes and covering 400 flowers. To produce just one pound of clover honey, the bee must visit 56,000 clover heads. Since each head has 60 flower tubes, a total of 3,360,000 visits are necessary. In the end, that worker bee will have flown the equivalent of three times around the world. And they never sleep!


The impact of the honeybee on your food goes beyond honey. This little wonder of God’s creation is responsible for 80 percent of all insect pollination; if it didn’t do its job it would significantly decrease the yield of fruits and vegetables.

  • And a tip on how to use flour

If you store flour in the fridge, best to use it as follows:

Remove flour from the fridge, let stand for about half hour or so, then use.

Do not use the flour while it is still cold.

Best to use it at room temperature.


  • Some suggestions to deal with an upset stomach!

In a glass of warm water, add a few drops of Angastura bitters.

Or you can have a candy ginger piece of candy.

And here are 2 other suggestions:

A glass of Ginger ail,

A glass of coke but make sure that it is flat,

A cup of hot lemon tea,

Or a cup of hot ginger tea.


  • Something interesting about Granny smith apples

They are the best for baking because they are firm and have a tart flavour.


  • About apple juice

Good to drink when you have a cold.

Either warm or cool.


  • Having problems removing rings from fingers or bangles from hands or wrists?

Just apply a healthy amount of hand cream or hand soap and voila!

It will come off with consummate ease!







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