Catch up with sight loss coach Donna J. Jodhan – tips for the car and the carpet

Catching up with the coach!

February 2024


5) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Best Of Hints For Cars

Battery Corrosion – Proofer

* Scrub battery terminals and holder with a strong solution of baking soda in water.



1) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Best Of Hints For The Carpet

Spot Removers

For any stain:

* Make a sudsy solution of Tide laundry detergent and water. Brush the suds into the stain vertically and horizontally with a soft brush. Blot dry as much as possible. If stain persists, repeat process.

Grease Stains:

* Pour a generous amount of either baking soda or cornmeal over the spots and brush lightly through the pile of the rug. Leave overnight and vacuum off the next day.

Doggy Spots:

* Rub with a solution of vinegar or lemon juice and warm sudsy water. Blot and repeat if necessary. Or blot up thoroughly. Then pour club soda over the spot. Blot again. Place a dry white towel over the stain and put a heavy book on top of it. If the towel becomes soggy, replace with a clean towel immediately.

Cola And Coffee Stains:

* Quick action and an ice cube will generally remove these stains from pale carpeting. Blot the spill immediately, then rub an ice cube over the spot and blot again. Or blot up the excess, then rub with a solution of vinegar, detergent and water.

* Try shaving cream. It is ready instantly and is often more effective than water solutions.




2) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Best Of Hints For The Carpet

Repairing A Burn

* Remove some fuzz from the carpet, either by shaving or pulling out with a tweezer. Roll into the shape of the burn. Apply a good cement glue to the backing of the rug and press the fuzz down into the burn spot. Cover with a piece of cleansing tissue and place a heavy book on top. This will cause the glue to dry very slowly, and you will get the best results.



3) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Best Of Hints For Carpet

Removing Sooty Footmarks

* Try an art gum eraser on light-colored carpets

* Sprinkle soiled areas with salt. Wait 30 minutes and then vacuum.





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