Catch up with sight loss Coach Donna J. Jodhan – baking bread in the summer and guaranteed yeast doughs

Catching up with the coach!

September 29 2023


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3) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Baking With Ease: Baking Bread In The Summer

* If your air conditioning prevents your bread from rising, try this: place the bread in your oven. The warmth inside the oven (pilot light and gas ovens, electric light in electric ovens) will give just enough heat to make the bread rise properly.



4) Best Of Helpful Hints: The Kitchen

Baking With Ease: Guaranteed Yeast Doughs

* Yeast doughs are guaranteed to rise properly if you set the bowl of yeast on an electric heating pad which is set on low. Place a piece of foil between the bowl and pad.



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