A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s did you know diary – May 2023

May 2023

A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s did you know diary

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Welcome to my Donna’s did you know diary for May and pleased to share the following with you.

Here’s what I learned for this month.

  • All about bird songs

“You might have noticed that often the smallest birds have the most interesting songs. The various wrens, for example, are among the smallest birds in North America, but they have incredibly loud voices and many complex songs. On the other hand, while bald eagles are among the largest of all birds, their “song” and calls are unremarkable unless threatened by some predator. Eagles are indeed loud, but they have a limited vocabulary.

Have you ever noticed in early summer that the hills are alive with the sound of birds singing? These beautiful creatures made for our enjoyment actually sing for many different reasons. There are basically two categories of bird sounds: songs and calls. Singing primarily happens around mating and nesting season. Calls happen all the time and mainly communicate messages to other birds, often in shorter and clipped chirps. Songs are usually longer and more complex.

Birds sing to stake out their territory, defend their turf, identify themselves, attract the opposite sex, stimulate nest building, and encourage the female to incubate her eggs. Some studies also show that birds sing just because they like to sing! Biologists have also discovered that birds have accents; the same cardinal in Indiana might sound slightly different than one in Florida.


  • Okay, here is something to help you with the cold and it is called Vicks vapour rub

It comes in a jar and its scent is wonderfully strong.

Rub a bit of this on your throat, your chest, and at the bottom of your feet.

Insert a we bit of it into your nostrils and voala!

It works like a charm!


  • Different types of vacations?

Vacation = a holiday.

Staycation = spending vacation at home.

Worcation = combining work and play.


  • An important tip for both men and women enjoying their drinks:

If both a man and a woman are enjoying the same amount of drinks then please remember that if they are doing this under the same circumstances

Women will become intoxicated more quickly because of their biological make up.

That is on the whole, women way less than men.


  • So which part of the lobster is the meatiest?

Why!  It is the tail of course!


  • Want to learn more about holiday spending in America?

Here are the top 7 holidays along with spending trends.

“The top seven holidays for extravagant spending are:

7 –  Halloween, share of total holiday spending: 2.6 percent.

6 – Father’s Day, Share of holiday spending: 4.5 percent.

5 –  Easter, Share of holiday spending: 6.1 percent

4 –  Mother’s Day, Share of holiday spending: 6.5 percent

3 –  Valentine’s Day, Share of holiday spending: 7.7 percent.

2 –  Thanksgiving, Share of holiday spending: 13.4 percent.

1 –  Christmas, Share of holiday spending: 59.2 percent.”


  • What is a good tea to drink when you are having digestive problems?

Try drinking a cup of hot camomile tea.


  • Here are some home grown tips about dogs!

Normally their noses are cold and wet to the touch.

If their nose happens to be warm to mildly hot then they may be having a fever.

Female dogs normally have a 3 week period when they are in heat.

The important week to note when they are most likely to become pregnant is during week two.

If you are attempting to mate them then make sure to note the position of their tail when they meet the mail.

If their tail goes down then they are not interested

But if their tail goes up then they are interested.

Female dogs take approximately 9 weeks to bring their pregnancy to fruition.

They usually come into their calling or heat period every six months.

Finally, if you wish to get an idea of how many pups the female may be having then count the number of protruding nipples.

There is normally 1 nipple for every pup on the way.

It normally takes 9 weeks for a female to be pregnant.




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