A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s diary

A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s did you know diary
Here’s what I learned for this month.

• If you are looking to save on your electricity bill then the best time for you to do your laundry and run your dish washer is between 7 pm and 7 am.

• About boiling rice. If you want to rinse the starch out of your rice after it is boiled then pour rice into a strainer to get the water out of it.
Rinse in cold water and then strain rice back into your pot. Be sure to rinse the pot before you do this.

• About boiling pasta. To obtain the best flavour to your pasta, do not strain pasta after it is boiled.

• How about using a rubber band in your kitchen?
Do this when you need to open a jar or bottle and you do not have a jar or bottle opener on hand.
Just place the rubber band around said cork or cover and this increases your grip.
Then turn cork or cover to your right.

• How to keep your wine well stored?
Be careful with humidity, temperature, movement, and light.
That is, be sure not to keep your bottles of wine under too much humidity.
At the right temperature. That is, not too warm.
Movement, try to keep in one spot.
Light, not too much light.
Suggested best place to store would be in your basement.

• About your furnace?
Clean regularly and keep it turned down at night.

• A tip on saving electricity!
Turn on lights when entering a room but turn them off when leaving the room.

• Some food tips:
Do not leave left overs out for too long as they will start to gather bacteria.
Put it away as soon as you can after eating.
Wait for it to cool.

• About washing our meat before cooking?
You run the risk of splashing unwanted bacteria all over your kitchen when washing.

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