A Bit of This and A Bit of That from Donna J. Jodhan’s February 2023 Diary

February 2023

A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s did you know diary

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Welcome to my Donna’s did you know diary for February and pleased to share the following with you.


Here’s what I learned for this month.

  • How can you tell that jade is real?

Why!  It is cold to the touch.


  • About the behaviour of the sea!

Best time of the year to swim in the sea is during the months of July, August, and September when the sea is calmest.

The sea is usually roughest in December and January.

And the sea is usually highly populated with those jelly fish that sting during March and April.  Their colours are normally pink or blue.


  • About travel seasons!

Low season is usually from early April to mid December and high season is usually from Mid December to end of March.


  • Having problems getting rid of those persistent paint smells?

Just place a bowl of water in the corner of the room where the smells are coming from

And add a few drops of white vinegar to the bowl of water.


  • Differences when cooking with gas versus cooking with electricity

Gas cooks faster but food does not stay warm as long as when cooking with electricity.

Gas cooks faster than electricity.


  • An interesting tidbit on ketchup:

There seems to be 2 different types of ketchup on the market today:

Tomato and o yes!  Ketchup made from papaya.


  • An important tip on beer!

Before serving or offering beer, check its colour and if it is dark then it is not good.


  • Now, if you have 2 copies in your hand of the same document, how can you tell which is the copy and which is the original?

The copy’s letter head will always appear in black and the original’s letter head will be in either blue or another colour.


That’s it for this month.

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