Career Changers: Consider Working with the Elderly

Have you recently found yourself at the wrong end of a job dounsizing or job
Or are you looking to find a new career now that you have retired?
Or maybe you want to change careers by going into something new?

This is easier said than done. It takes a log of research, an abundance of
time and patience, and if you do not know where to look, then you are going
to find yourself searching for a needle in a haystack! Let us help you!
Let us show you where to search and how to do it.
Take a look at our examples below and judge for yourself.

Career Changers: Consider Working with the Elderly
… to get a job there, says Executive Director Deborah Felton The ageing of
the baby boomer population means that there will be jobs in senior living
communities like Fuller Village for people with a background in a variety of
careers – eg, fitness, …
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Review of Career Transition: Make the Shift
Small Business Trends
They are also separately compiled into a Career Action Book (workbook) that
you can request on Deborah’s website. Career Transition is ideal for Baby
Boomers or those who already have a few diverse career experiences under
their belts, who want to move …
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Boomers look to ‘encore’ careers
USA Today
Demand for this type of program is strong among aging Boomers. Nine percent
of workers age 44 to 70 are in non-profit jobs that serve a public purpose,
and 31% more are interested in “encore careers,” according to research by
Civic Ventures and the …
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Chances are that you may never have been able to find these on your own.
This is what we can do for you! We are dedicated searchers and we can find
any type of information for you. We know how and where to search and how to
find you exactly what you seek.
Contact us at to learn more.

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