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Helpful tips for November 2021

In this issue:

General tips
Articles of the day
* a dozen dandy uses for white vinegar
* alternative treatments to control termites
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary
* Getting ready to travel


General tips
Courtesy of the research team at

Scams of the month:
Before giving you our scam tips of the month, here are some very valueable
You need to remember that scams come in the following formats:
As emails, as phone calls both recorded and via a live caller, and o yes!
It can even show up at your door and in your mailbox.
And now they are targeting us through texts being sent to our cell phones.

Before giving you the latest scams making the rounds; we have some do nots
to share with you.
Do not respond to emails that look strange to you.
Do not download attachments from unknown senders.
Do not share your username and password to your online banking and any other
online payments facilities with anyone.
Do not give out any banking or personal details on the phone to unknown
Do not pay any attention to threats from automated phone recordings or from
live persons with regard to your credit card or that you owe money to any
revenue agency.
Do not entertain any offers either via email or by phone from senders and
callers offering incredible service packages as they may pertain to cable
and tv services, prizes that you have won, or any sort of any type of
service package.
Do not answer the door to unknown callers.
Take extra caution to make sure that the details of your credit cards and
debit cards are fully protected when you make payments at restaurants or at
stores, pharmacies, and elsewhere.
Do not enter your password for Facebook or Twitter in response to a text
request on your cell phone.
The same if you are asked for your Apple ID.
Do not fall prey to a text message telling you that your banking details
have been compromised online.

And in time for winter!
It’s time to change into your winter tires!
Why? Because those temps are starting to dip below the 7 degree level.

Now for a bunch of holiday tips:
Thank you Mama Peach!

Scorched Vegetables?
Set the pot in a pan of cold water and let stand for 15 to 30 minutes. Do
not scrape the bottom of the pan. No one will know the vegetables have been

Soggy Mashed Potatoes?
* Overcooked potatoes can become soggy when the milk is added. Sprinkle with
dry powder milk for the fluffiest mashed potatoes ever.

To The Rescue/When Something Goes Wrong
The Meat Is Still In The Freezer?
* Place meat in a sealed plastic bag and drop into a pan of very warm water.
* Put your dish drainer upside down in the sink. Run hot water to about an
inch from the top of the drainer. Place meat on drainer and cover with a
* A quick way to separate frozen bacon, heat a spatula over the stove
burner, then slide it under each slice to separate it from the others.

To The Rescue/When Something Goes Wrong
The Salt Won’t Pour?
* Wrap a small piece of aluminum foil tightly around the shaker. The foil is
moisture proof and it will keep dampness out of the salt.
* To prevent clogging, keep 5 to 10 grains of rice inside your shaker.

Speed Ups/Getting As Much Done In The Shortest Time Possible
Chopping Onions Without Tears
* Refrigerate before chopping.
* Peel under cold running water.
* Periodically rinse hands under cold water while chopping.

Speed Ups/Getting As Much Done In The Shortest Time Possible
Peeling Onions For Boiling
* Cut off both ends; drop onions into boiling water; boil for 4 to 5
minutes. Remove and rinse under cold water; then just slip off the peels.
Use the same procedure for removing carrot skins.

Speed Ups/Getting As Much Done In The Shortest Time Possible
Peeling Thin Skinned Fruits
* Refrigerate tomatoes. Hold tomato firmly and scrape with a paring knife
from the bottom to the top several times. Prick the skin with the point of a
knife. The peeling will remove easily.
* Place thin-skinned fruits into a bowl, cover with boiling water and let
set for 1 minute. Peel with a paring knife.
* Spear the fruit on a fork and hold over a gas flame until the skin cracks.
Then peel.

Best Of Helpful Hints: The Kitchen
Speed Ups/Getting As Much Done In The Shortest Time Possible
Cutting Sticky Foods
* Before chopping, flour the pieces in a paper bag.
* Dip your sheers or knife in hot water while cutting.

Best Of Helpful Hints: The Kitchen
Speed Ups/Getting As Much Done In The Shortest Time Possible
Removing The Excess Fat
* If time allows, the best method is refrigeration until the fat hardens on
the top.
* Elininate fat from soup and stew by dropping ice cubes into the pot. As
you stir, the fat will cling to the cubes. Discard the cubes before they
* Lettuce leaves absorb fat also. Place a few into the pot and watch the fat
cling to them.
* If you prop up one leg of your electric frying pan, (set it on a knife
handle) you can make relatively grease free hamburgers or bacon for frying
on the elevated side of the pan.
* When broiling meats on a rack, place a piece of bread in the broiler pan
to soak up the dripping fat. This not only eliminates smoking of the fat,
but reduces the chances of the fat catching fire.
* Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to the fat in which you are going to deep fry.
It will keep the food from absorbing too much fat and eliminate the greasy

Speed Ups/Getting As Much Done In The Shortest Time Possible
Eliminating The Spattering And Sticking
* When pan frying or sauteeing, always heat the pan before adding the butter
or oil. Not even eggs stick with this method.
* Sprinkle a little salt into the frying pan to prevent spattering.
* Vinegar brought to a boil in a new frying pan will prevent foods from
* If your muffins are sticking to the tin pan, place the hot pan on a wet
towel. They will slide right out.

Speed Ups/Getting As Much Done In The Shortest Time Possible
Preventing Boil Overs:
* Add a lump of butter or a few teaspoons of cooking oil to the water and
rice, noodles or spaghetti will not boil over or stick together.

Speed Ups/Getting As Much Done In The Shortest Time Possible
Preparing Cut Fruit Ahead Of Time
* Toss the freshly cut fruit in lemon juice and it will not darken. The
juice of half a lemon is enough for a quart or two of cut fruits.
* Cover with 1 cup syrup made of equal parts of water and sugar cooked until

Speed Ups/Getting As Much Done In The Shortest Time Possible
Softening Butter
* Soften butter for spreading by inverting a small heated pan over the
butter dish for a minute or so.
* Grating a stick of butter softens it quickly.


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

a dozen dandy uses for white vinegar
t costs hardly anything ($2 a gallon on sale), it’s available in every
grocery store in the universe and so useful around your home you are going
to have a hard time
believing it. that’s the power of vinegar. yep, plain, cheap, 5 percent
acidity, white vinegar.
1. instead of fabric softener or dry sheets, add 1/2 to 1 cup vinegar to
last rinse in your washing machine (as you would liquid softener). your
clothes will come out soft
because the vinegar helps to remove every trace of laundry detergent, which
cause fabrics to stiffen.
2. add 1/4 cup white vinegar to a quart of very warm water to make a good
window cleaner. wipe with crumpled newspaper or a coffee filter and your
windows will
3. vinegar will dissolve hard-water marks like those on shower doors,
faucets and in vases. if the vinegar is hot (heat in the microwave) it works
even faster.
4. instead of pricey commercial rinse agents, fill that little reservoir in
your dishwasher with white vinegar. your dishes will sparkle. refill often.
if your dishwasher does
not have this feature, simple add 1/2 to 1 cup (depending on the hardness of
your water) to the last rinse.
5. wash your car’s windshield with vinegar to help keep ice and frost at
6. diluted 50/50 with water, vinegar will take pet odors out of carpets.
find the offending area and saturate it well (you want to use more liquid
here than the amount the
pet contributed). let it set for awhile then blot all you can with a clean
white towel. don’t scrub, blot! stand on that towel to bring the liquid into
the towel.
7. vinegar makes a great wallpaper remover. first remove all the wallpaper
you can by simply pulling it off. you’ll probably get only the top layer of
the paper, but that’s
okay. now spray full-strength vinegar on what remains. this will begin to
dissolve the glue. once softened you’ll be able to remove the rest without
harsh chemicals.
8. use the acidity of vinegar to tenderize meat. i add several tablespoons
to pot roast, soups and stews. if you have balsamic vinegar it will add a
wonderful flavor, but
white vinegar tenderizes just as well. your guests will think you are
serving them filet mignon.
9. you can clean copper-bottom pots with a paste made of salt and vinegar.
caution: do not use this on decorative copper that has a lacquer coating.
10. wash your vinyl and ceramic tile floors with a mixture of hot water and
white vinegar (1 cup per gallon of water). no need to rinse and you will
never have that nasty
film that plain water leaves behind. and wow! your floor will shine line a
new penny.
11. white vinegar will take the sting out of sunburn. just soak a towel and
apply to the burn. the smell is far more tolerable than the pain of a
sunburn. caution: never
self-treat a severe burn. contact your health professional immediately if
you have any doubt.
12. clean your steam iron from the inside out. fill the steam reservoir with
white vinegar and heat to the hottest setting. it’s going to steam vinegar
so get prepared for a
strong smell. you will see all kinds of hard water deposits come out of the
steam holes. empty remaining vinegar, fill with water and allow to steam
well to remove all
traces of vinegar. repeat as necessary. note: check the owner manual to make
sure vinegar is not prohibited in your particular model.


alternative treatments to control termites
alternative treatments to control termites
if there”s wood in your house, chances are at some point you”ll have
unwelcome houseguests: termites. treatments to get rid of these trespassers
can be environmentally nasty.
infestations in which the entire house is implicated are usually attacked
with chemical fumigants. but concerns about ozone depletion and health risks
associated with these
chemicals have created a growing market for alternative treatments that
still spell r.i.p. for the bugs.
to fight termites, today’s homeowner can choose to freeze, heat. microwave
or shock them.
courtesy of tallon
two basic types of termites may be cohabiting with you: drywood and
subterranean. drywood termites are more common in warm, dry climates and
live in attics, garages and
walls. they may start out infesting the fence surrounding your property, the
woodpile out back or even the utility pole across the street. subterranean
termites tunnel in moist
soil to find wood, putting decks and lower levels of buildings at risk.
giving “em gas
these days, a house under attack from drywood termites may be chemically
fumigated through a process known as tenting. a nylon tarp is draped around
the entire building and
a poisonous gas—usually vikane (sulfuryl fluoride) —is pumped inside. twelve
to 24 hours later, the tarp is removed, and the home is aerated for at least
six hours.
consumers often opt for fumigation because of its ability to completely rid
a structure of termites. vikane gas is odorless, colorless and dissipates
quickly, leaving no residue. but
vikane is extremely toxic and can depress the central nervous system.
long-term exposure can cause blood and bone problems.
methyl bromide, which is still sometimes used as a termiticide, aerates more
slowly and is an ozone depleter. the environmental protection agency is
phasing it out by 2005 in
order to comply with clean air act regulations.
dr. marion moses, public health and environmental medicine specialist and
founder of the pesticide education center in san francisco, says methyl
bromide, which is still used
widely in agriculture, has been linked to serious health problems among
those who work around it, including migrant farm workers.
dow agrosciences, a manufacturer of vikane, now offers an alternative method
of killing subterranean termites called the sentricon colony elimination
system. in this process,
worker termites are baited by compact monitoring stations to pick up a tiny
amount of poison, which then spreads throughout the colony. the systemuses
only a fraction of an
ounce of termite-specific chemical, and it is environmentally low impact
compared with traditional spraying methods. here are some developing
fumigation alternatives for
treating drywood termites: heat them. heating an entire structure or
selected area to 120 degrees fahrenheit will destroy termites and their
eggs. the heat will also disinfect the
area by eliminating most bacteria, odors and fungi. state-of-the-art digital
thermometers and needle-thin probes ensure the wood core temperature is hot
enough to kill the
freeze them. pumping liquid nitrogen through tiny holes drilled into
infested wood will also eliminate termites. the —350-degree nitrogen is
pumped in slowly to gradually
lower the wood temperature to —20 fahrenheit. tallon termite and pest
control in redondo beach, california has been using the blizzard system to
freeze termites since 1988.
ceo jay tallon says it”s 100-percent effective. technicians use fiber optics
to pinpoint exactly where the termites are living within the wood.
microwave them. microwave treatments involve a machine that looks like an
oven without the door and essentially “cooks” the termites. it is used to
treat unexposed areas, like
walls or a stucco column. when treating an entire house, microwaving is
usually part of the bigger pest-control solution.
shock them. the electrogun is a hand-held device with a 90,000-volt electric
current that penetrates wood to electrocute termites. because the current is
pulsating, it doesn”t
burn the wood.
oil them. oil made from orange peels can kill termites on contact. the oil
is injected into wood timbers or, if wood is unpainted, applied topically to
soak in. not only is it
effective, but it smells good too.


From the pages of Donna’s diary
Getting ready to travel

I still remember my very last trip before Covid descended upon us. It was
to Hawaii in February 2019 and as we move towards the return to travel I for
one am anxious to get going.

I know that I need to be realistic but I simply cannot help myself. I have
3 trips in my dreams; to the Caribbean to see my mom and my family, to
England for a family reunion, and to Montreal and Ottawa to see my close

There is no doubt in my mind that when travel resumes there are going to be
a few very interesting changes and I am ready. In the meantime, I wait
along with so many others.

There will be new rules to cope with at the airport, on board aircrafts, and
much more but patience, patience is the order of the day for me!

I’m Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.

To learn more about me as a sight loss coach and author visit

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